Friday, December 28, 2007

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You...

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
~Rod Stewart

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles thats what you do

For the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
You fill my life with laughter
And somehow you make it better
Ease my troubles thats what you do
Theres a love thats divine
And its yours and its mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles thats what you do

Theres a love thats divine
And its yours and its mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one

And have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
You fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles thats what you do
Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles thats what you do
Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles thats what you do

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Lifetime With You

My Dearest Knight,

As I write this you are 250+ miles away. You've been gone 11 hours and I feel like you've been gone a lifetime. I miss not having you with me. We have spoken on the phone a couple of times and it comforts me. Not that the conversations were important ones, for we just talked about little things, but just the sound of your voice fills my heart with joy.

I know that you'll be back tomorrow, but tomorrow is still a long ways ahead. When you aren't here, it's hard for me to sleep. Not because I'm scared or lonely. It's just that I love being with you. I love knowing that I can reach out and you are there. You are there for me to goose (grinning), kiss, caress, hug, talk to or just to look at.

I cherish our time together. We've been married over half of our lifetime. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us. May the best of our past, be the worst of our future.

forever yours...
Your Lady~

"I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone!"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Quote On Love

"Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket–safe, dark, motionless, airless–it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable."
~ C. S. Lewis

The other day I ate a Dove chocolate. Inside the wrapper was written, "Dare to love completely." Hmmm... why not? I dare you...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why Do You Love Me?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my favorite movies to watch. It reminds me of my family. It's funny and I think that in some way, everyone can relate to it.

I've watched that movie so many times, that I can quote some of the lines. But there are two quotes from this movie that really move me...

"Why do you want to leave me?"
This line is said by the dad to his daughter. I love my dad very much. It's because of his example that I married my Knight. To this day, you'll hear this quote spoken in our Castello, we say it teasingly. But with lots of love.

"Why do you love me? Because I became alive when I met you."
The question was asked by the lead actress. The answer she received just melted my heart. It made me think, "Wow, I know that I had a life, a happy life before my Knight came along. But I never dreamed it could get better." It has... and I soooo look forward to what's ahead. My cup runneth over...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Quote About Courtship And Marriage

I came across a quote about marriage that really spoke to me. I hope you'll be blessed by it...

"If couples would put half the effort into marriage that they put into
courtship, they would be surprised how things would brighten up."
-Billy Graham

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Jewel

The purpose of a jewel is not so much to shine with it’s own light, but to reflect and refract the light around it.

My Knight is a jewel. He shines because he is reflecting His light.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Do Believe In Soul Mates

I read an article the other day named, Marrying Your 'Soul Mate': Does Such a Person Exist? It left me wondering. Does one "really" have a soul mate?

Ok, if you go and read this article, you might think, "Hey this doesn't apply to me, it's written about and for divorced people." Au contrair il mio caro, I think we would all benefit from reading this article.

The Ladies of the HAUS are women whose opinions I truly value. You see, they are from all walks of life. They are godly women, who hold nothing back. They speak the truth and are tactful, gentle, graceful and are not judgmental. They are wise beyond their years. They are my sisters in Christ. Oh, and I have never met them face to face. BUT I look forward to meeting them all at our Father's Home. :o) You Ladies ROCK!

I asked the Ladies of the HAUS , "Do you believe that there was only one person you were meant to marry? They all believed, that yes, there was only one person they were meant to marry. They all thought the same but expressed themselves in different ways. Below is the response I liked .

"I believe at any juncture along your life journey God can put a "soul mate" in your path, someone who fits you perfectly. I believe if you lose your soul mate (by whatever means) God can lead you to another, suited perfectly for you.
~Lady Blue

I think I liked it best because it's exactly what I thought and felt, but I could not put into words. I know, that I know, that I was meant to marry my Knight. He is my soul mate. God brought us together. Whom God has brought together, let no man put asunder... Amen

So now I wonder... Do YOU believe that there is only one person you are/were meant to marry?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How I Met My Knight

I don't remember this, but we met wayyyyyyy back in first grade. We were in the same class and we "liked" each other. I know this because YEARS after we got married, my mom found a box with mementos from my childhood. In this box, was a construction paper that was cut in the a shape of a fish. It was decorated and colored. On the back of the fish, a note was written. "love" and my Knight's first name. In this box was also a Christmas Recital bulletin. Written on this bulletin were the names of all the first grade students. My Knight and I had the same teacher. In our class there were no other students with my Knight's name. He has an uncommon last name. At the end of the year, we moved away to a different part of Miami.

I was a sophomore in 1978-1979. I had signed up for a class. Turned out that the class was over booked. They picked four students from my class and moved them to the new College Vocabulary class. I was one of the four students picked from my class. Turns out that the same thing happened to a blue eyed boy. He was one of the students picked from his class to be moved to the new College Vocabulary class.

Background: I have always felt a little uncomfortable looking at people in the eye. Back then I didn't know why I felt that way, but now I know why. The eyes are a window to your soul. You can see what they feel and think. Being that I was shy and a little bit of an introvert, I didn't want people to "see me". I just wanted to blend in and not stand out.

The first day in my new class, I quickly went in and sat in the first seat I saw available. I noticed that in the row next to me, a couple of seats ahead was a boy who kept slightly turning his head to look at me. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. He'd turn away when I would look and I would turn away when I noticed him looking. That's how it all began... with a glance.

One day after class as I was walking down the hall, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was "him", the boy with the deep blue eyes. He told me he was a DJ. (* note- more on this later) and wondered if I'd like to go to a party he was going to be working at. I told him, I'd have to ask my parents. He handed me a paper (which I still have), with the address and his phone number. I gave him my phone number too. *note-During his high school years, he was a disc jocky. Which is a little hard to believe, because he was so quiet. It was a little out of character for him to be a DJ, but he loved music.

Background: My dad was very old fashioned. He didn't believe in having boyfriends. You could have friends that were boys, but no "boyfriend". We were allowed to go out with groups of friends ONLY if my mom went along with us.

I asked for permission to attend the party. It was given. The blue eyed boy asked me what time he could pick me up. I told him I'd meet him there. Poor thing, he had no clue what he was getting into. Since I wasn't allowed to go on dates, not only did I show up with my mom, but my sister and three girlfriends came along. Remember, my parents didn't believe in exclusive relationships. The only way I was allowed to go out was in a group and chaperoned. I'm sure he was shocked, but he didn't show it. He was glad I went. Our first dance was a slow dance. The song was, How Deep Is Your Love by The Bee Gees. A couple of weeks later, I invited him to a party my family was invited to. We had a great time. We hung around the same group of friends, but we kept our distance.

At the end of our senior year, the blue eyed boy was having a graduation party, or so I thought. He invited me. I was unable to attend. I ended up being hospitalized. I had been having recurring fainting spells. So they were running tests. Once I got out from the hospital, I called him to say I was sorry I missed his party. His mom answered and told me he had joined the Army. The party was a going away party. My heart sank. I thought I'd never see him again.

A week later on November 4, 1981, I received a letter. It was a letter from the blue eyed boy. He had called his mom to see how they were all doing. His mom mentioned that I had called. When he hung up with her, he called his best friend. He asked him to go to his (the blue eyed boy's) home and look for his yearbook. You see, I had signed his yearbook and had included my phone number and address. I don't know why I put that in there. I hadn't done that for any one else, only his. This letter, was the first of many letters. And so began our courtship. We really got to know each other through our letters. We were able to share our hearts. We felt free to say things that I know that we wouldn't have said if we were face to face. I knew that he was the one for me.

He had a two week leave in December 1981. I met his family for the first time when my mom and I went to greet him at the airport. We all know that there is something about a man in uniform. BUT when I saw my blue eyed boy, walking towards us in his uniform, he took my breath away. He spent most of his time with me and my family. But he made sure he spent time with his family too. During his leave, we went to the movies together for the first time. He took me to see Cinderella. After the movie, we went for a walk on the marina. That's were we kissed for the first time. When his leave was up, it was hard to watch him leave.

He finished basic training in February 1982. He had leave for a couple of days, so he came home to visit. Once again, he spent most of his time with me and my family. But he always made time for his family too. This time when he left, it was even harder. We didn't know when we'd see each other again. I wrote to him every day, sometimes I even wrote to him twice a day. He was able to call me every Saturday. Needless to say, I was always waiting for his call.

One Saturday in April 1982, the man of my dreams had asked me to marry him. I said yes, without even talking to my parents. He didn't want us to wait any longer, would two months (June 1982) be too soon? Looking back, I don't know how it was done. My mom and Abuela planed a wedding for over 500 guest in less than 2 months. I trusted them to plan our wedding. I picked out my dress, my Knight's tux, the bridesmaid dressed, the best man's tux, all the usher's tux's, the flowers, the color scheme, the invitations and the cake. Oh, we had 12 in our wedding party. Everything else, my mom and Abuela did. I was the most stress free bride ever! Well, except for when the priest wouldn't allow us to change our wedding date for the third time. My Knight was having trouble getting his leave accepted. So when we had to have changed for the third time, the priest said that we were treating marriage as if it were a joke. He refused to change it... UNTIL my dad made a "donation" to the church. The time and date was picked... 3:30p on June 19, 1982

Saturday, June 19,82, I woke up to a lot of commotion. I, on the other hand was very calm. I had such a peace... a happy peace. My sister went off to get her nails done. My parents were busy packing up the car and taking last minute things to the reception hall. I was left alone at home to get myself ready. As the time drew near, I was dressed and ready to go, but my dad hadn't even gotten ready. My sister had left with my mom and my brother. I was all dressed up, sitting down and watching Star Trek with the limo driver, while my dad was patiently getting ready. We arrived at the church almost an hour late. The priest had already gone up to the rectory and said he wasn't going to marry us. My dad went up to see him. He made another "donation" to the church. He came down and married us. My Knight and I have joked that my dad had to pay to get me off of his hands.

We had a one day honeymoon at the Fontainebleau in Miami. My Knight had to report back to duty on Monday. So we had to drive from Miami to Louisiana. Our first home was in Ft. Polk, Louisiana. I had never been away from my family. My home was with my family. Now my home was wherever my Knight was. As a young lady of 18 years of age, I thought, "I would follow him where ever he would go." To this day, 25 years later, my place is by his side. I would still follow him no matter where he goes....

A couple of years after we got married my Knight shared something with me. He told me that when I first walked into the classroom, he had leaned over and whispered something to his friend. I asked him what he had whispered. He had told his friend, "That's the girl I'm going to marry."

Be still my heart...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Simply Romantic... Tips

I'm always looking for ways to show my Knight that I love him. I'm not very creative, I'm a "creative wanna-be". I enjoy reading, so I'll read articles, blogs, and subscribe to different sites that send out devotions, stories and tips.

Family Life website has LOTS to offer. I subscribe to most of the subscriptions they have. One of my favorites is Simply Romantic- Tips For Her. Once a week I receive an email with a "tip" on romance. There have been times that I've added a little twist or perked up the tip. Some of the tips are not "romantic" but are loving, helpful tips. I thought I'd share a couple of the "tips" I've gotten from Family Life. After the Family Life tips, I'll share some of my(and his) favorite loving gestures, that I've done for my Knight.

* Present him a "Journal of My Love for You" – a journal that you will fill with dated love letters written to your husband over a period of time.

* Get a picture of you and your husband (and kids if you'd like) and create a special card for him. Include a Scripture that you feel describes him. (For example, Acts 11:24: "For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Spirit and of faith.")

* Be a student of your spouse. Know his likes and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses, and his fears.

* For a significant anniversary--buy him a gold watch. Engrave it with a romantic phrase like “I’ll always have time for you.”

* Think of a couple of things that your honey does for you and the family (he is a good provider, he can fix things, etc.) and let him know how much you appreciate him.

* Men view romance differently from women. Ask your husband to describe what’s romantic to him. Don’t be surprised when his ideas sound very different from yours.

* Wash and vacuum his car. To top it all off--top off his gas tank too.

* The next time you're out to dinner, casually take out a pen and write a note to him on a paper napkin--letting him know what he can look forward to at home. Fold it and slide it across the table.

~ My Knight enjoys reading. Once when he had to go away on a trip, I made a special bookmark for him. I typed up the scripture: Ephesians 6:10-18, The Armor of God. I wrote a brief note: My Dearest Knight, This is my prayer for us while we are apart. Forever yours... Your Lady G~
I printed it out on old English paper and the script was Old English Style. I had the bookmark laminated. After 10 years, he still has this bookmark and still uses it.

~ My Knight sometimes has to travel, either because of work or due to little league umpiring. When he travels, I pack a two sided picture frame that I made for him. On one side there is a picture of him and I. On the other side there is a picture of our five children. That way he has us with him where ever he goes.

~ I leave "love notes" in unexpected places: on his palm pilot, in his brief drawer, inside a pant pocket, in his wallet, on the doorknob (he the first to leave home every day), in his sock drawer etc.

~ I write love messages on the bathroom mirror with my lipstick.

~ I write notes and cards and mail them to his office. He never knows when he's getting one. I have even sent him those HUGE cards. Oh, now Hallmark Cards have cards with sounds. I love sending him those. The problem is now he knows what the envelope looks like, so I have to be creative on how to send them. :o)

~ We take out the trash, so he doesn't have to.

~ We keep the pool chemicals balanced and the pool clean, so he doesn't have to.

~ We try to keep our acres plowed, so he doesn't have to.

~ He loves dark chocolate, so I'll buy him a bag for home and one for work.

~ I make sure he laundry is always done. So he can wear his favorite clothing items.

~ I ask him, "What can I do to help you our?"

~ I massage cream on his hands.

~ I massage his aching back.

~ I send him love notes to his home and office email address.

~ I tell him and show him I love him EVERY day... throughout the day.

I love my Knight. I could go on and on, but I'm being summoned. It's time for dessert.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21: He Does He Doesn't

The other day I was thinking about the Daisy flowers. They are so pretty. So spring and summery. Then the childhood game of "he loves me, he loves me not" popped into my mind. Hmmm, why not make a TT list with a twist. Here are some, "He Does, He Doesn't" about my Knight.

He does tell me he loves me.
He doesn't hurt me with words.

He does make me feel loved.
He doesn't hurt me with actions.

He does encourage me.
He doesn't focus on my weaknesses.

He does laugh with me.
He doesn't laugh at me.

He does apologize when wrong.
He doesn't have to much, cause he's seldom wrong. LOL!

He does love me for being me.
He doesn't focus on my faults.

He does make me feel the most blessed woman in the world...

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Food For Thought

This morning, I found this quote in my email in box. I had just been thinking about this very thing. It's what I call a God-incidence.

"If couples would put half the effort into marriage that they put into
courtship, they would be surprised how things would brighten up."
-Billy Graham

WOW!!! How very true! Some think, why work at it? We're already married. Au contraire, the journey has just begun. The best is yet to be.

People work hard at their jobs. Some want to climb the corporate ladder. Some work hard for the money. They work hard towards whatever goals they've set for themselves. But when it comes to marriage, some just want to coast.

I don't like to use the word "work", it sounds like, well work. But for lack of a better word, I have to use it. I believe that if you want to have a great marriage, you have to work at it. Courtship is just the beginning. The goal is not just marriage. The goal is a blessed marriage journey. Not that one gives 50% and the other gives 50% to equal 100%. It's giving a 100% of yourself. Our cup should overflow with love and giving to our beloved one.

After 25 years (I love saying that), my Knight still opens and closes the car door for me. When we go somewhere, he opens the door for me and allows me to enter first. When in crowded areas, he leads the way. When standing still in a crowded area, he stands behind me. He carries the heavy items, so I don't have to. He'll surprise me with my favorite chocolate or a pint of my favorite ice cream (just for me). He'll call me up and say, "let's go out tonight". This all sounds so trivial, but that's just the beginning.

My Knight and I "work" at our marriage. We are both working towards the same goal. We want to be the spouse God wants us to be. We want to please Him. By pleasing Him, we can't go wrong. In turn, we end up being the spouse God intends for us to be. We put each other first. It sounds so simplistic and it is. The problem is that "self" gets in the way. We have to daily (hourly, every minute) choose to die to self. In giving our best to our beloved, our beloved will want to give their best too.

Not only do My Knight and I benefit from this giving of each other. Our children benefit too. Others who are watching (without us knowing) can tell the difference too. I'm not trying to be boastful. I'm just sharing my heart. I know that there is no way our marriage would be this blessed if it wasn't because we have God in our lives.

Like everything else in life, it all boils down to choice. I choose to have a blessed marriage. I choose to love (verb) and focus on the positive instead of the negative.

My prayer is that whoever reads this chooses what they know God would want them to choose. Following God's will for our lives is ALWAYS the right choice.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Through The Years

My Dearest Knight,

On June 19,1982, twenty five years ago today, I married you, my Knight in shining armor. I can and can't believe we've been married for twenty five years. It feels like we just got married and at the same time it feels like we've been together for as long as I can remember. You are my best friend, my soul mate, the man that has surpassed my "dreams". I didn't think it was possible to love you more than the day that I married you, but I do.

You know how hard it is for me to say with words just what you mean to me. Not because I can't express myself, but because you leave me speechless. You take my breath away. My heart skips a beat when I look at you. I treasure our time together. I thank God that he brought you into my life. I'm blessed beyond measure. Through the years, I've thought it can't get any better than this, but I've been wrong. You have made my dreams come true. I'm living the "happily ever after" that all women dream of.

On our wedding day , our first dance was to Kenny Rogers' song, Lady. The first verse says, "Lady, I'm your Knight in shining armor and I love you...". I called you My Knight and you called me your Lady before this song ever came out. So it was very appropriate for us to dance to this song. Years later, in 1999, Kenny Rogers came out with another song, Through The Years. When I first heard this song, I knew that it would become one of "our" songs too. Today I dedicate this song to you. I love you...

forever yours...
Your Lady

Through The Years
by Kenny Rogers

I can't remember when you weren't there
When I didn't care for anyone but you
I swear we've been through everything there is
Can't imagine anything we've missed
Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do

Through the year, you've never let me down
You turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found
I've found with you ... through the years
I've never been afraid, I've loved the life we've made
And I'm so glad I've stayed, right here with you
Through the years

I can't remember what I used to do
Who I trusted whom, I listened to before
I swear you've taught me everything I know
Can't imagine needing someone so
But through the years it seems to me
I need you more and more

Through the years, through all the good and bad
I knew how much we had, I've always been so glad
To be with you ... through the years
It's better everyday, you've kissed my tears away
As long as it's okay, I'll stay with you
Through the years

Through the years, when everything went wrong
Together we were strong, I know that I belonged
Right here with you ... through the years
I never had a doubt, we'd always work things out
I've learned what loves about, by loving you
Through the years

Through the years, you've never let me down
You've turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found
I've found with you ... through the years
It's better everyday, you've kissed my tears away
As long as its okay, I'll stay with you
Through the years!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #20

This coming Sunday we'll be celebrating Father's Day. I'm blessed to say the my dad is still here with me. My dad was always my hero. I looked up to him. He set an awesome example for me as to what a man is and should be. Whoever I married had big shoes to fill.

Today I'll share 13 thoughts about my dad...

* He loves unconditionally. He has been wronged by many and still he does not wish them ill.

* He gives and gives... and expects nothing in return.

* He's habitually late for EVERYTHING! For as long as I can remember, he has NEVER been on time for ANYTHING. Through the years, when he's invited, people tell him a much earlier time, so he will be there at a decent time.

* He's old fashioned. He'll stand up and give his seat to a lady. He opens the door for the ladies.

* Only buys "American Made" things. I've often heard him say, "We have to buy American and support our country. "

* He's a patriot. He served in the American Army. He loves and supports our country. He's thankful to have the freedom he has.

* To him family, ALWAYS comes first.

* He's a gentleman.

* He's got great work ethics, good values, good morals and high standards. While growing up, I remember at one time he had two jobs, so that my mom could stay home and take care of us. I was not allowed to date as a teenager. He believed in courtship.

* He's not a "pretender". What you see is what you get.

* He's funny and makes those around him feel at ease.

* He's wise. He's always given me great advise.

* He charming. My dad is 71 years old. My mom and dad are still married. He's not one to call attention to himself, but he still attracts attention. Once when they were visiting us, we went out to eat. A lady at the salad bar invited him to do dancing. Me and my sister were right there standing next to him. This happens to him all the time. LOL!

I love my dad. I wanted to marry someone just like him. I have to honestly say that my Knight is and is not like my dad. I'm so blessed that God has given me two wonderful men to love. I think that's the reason it was so easy for me to relate with our Heavenly Father. I have such a wonderful earthly father.

Happy Father's Day Papi... I love you! XOxoXO

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Sunday, June 10, 2007


God sure has a way with things. His timing is always impeccable. Today waiting for me in my email in box, was an email from a site I subscribe to. They send me a daily inspiration.

I have to be honest, there are times that I just don't take the time to read it. Today's inspiration caught my eye. It was titled, "Character". Since lately I've been writing about my Knight's character, I though it was only fitting for me to share the "inspiration" I had just received...


Character is often determined not by when we do what we must,
but by when we do what is voluntary.

It is tested far more by charity, than obligation.

It appears not so much in what the public sees,
but shows itself clearer in what is done in private.

~A Mountain Wing Original

Saturday, June 9, 2007

An Action Speaks A Thousand Words

It's been a difficult couple of weeks. A Glance Into My World has more details so I won't have to re post it here.

My Knight has shown with actions, just how much I and our children mean to him. He, like everyone else is a busy man. He leaves for work at 6a. and arrives at home between 5-6p. He's a baseball umpire and the president of the little league. He is always getting calls. Some are good and some are well... not so good. I don't know how he does it, but he stays calm and collected. Well, I do know, it's because God dwells within him.

I shared about how busy he is because things have been a little topsy turvy around here. Through it all... God has given us grace, peace and mercy. My Knight has done the groceries, done his ironing, helped to take care of the ones that have been under the weather, has cooked, kept up with the "outdoor" duties, and ran back and forth to the pharmacy for medications. All this is expected. It's as it should be. It's how it's suppose to be. For so many it's not. that... breaks my heart.

He never once complained about cleaning up our child's mess. He didn't belittle the one who wasn't able to "make it" to the restroom. He stood by and comforted the one that was moaning cause the pain was too much for his little body. He gently rubbed our little one's belly as he spoke softly trying to comfort him. Along with the one's that have been ill, I too have been getting very little sleep. So, I try to catch some sleep when I can. My Knight doesn't wake me up. He lets me sleep and rest. He doesn't ask, what can I do to help? He sees and does what is needed. He'll call on his way home from work and see if there was anything he needs to bring home to his family.

My Knight is a man like no other. I will forever be grateful to God for bringing the two of us together. Yes, an action speaks a thousand words... I keep hearing/seeing, "I LOVE YOU".
I'm so blessed...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Build Me A Son

I subscribe to different email devotions. I thought I'd share the one below. My thoughts are shared after the devotion...


The following prayer was written by General Douglas MacArthur:

"Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is
weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be
proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory.

"Build me a son whose wishbone will not be where his backbone should
be; a son who will know Thee....Lead him, I pray, not in the path of ease
and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenge.
Here let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let him learn compassion
for those who fail.

"Build me a son whose heart will be clean, whose goal will be high; a
son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men; one who
will learn to laugh, yet never forget how to weep; one who will reach into
the future, yet never forget the past.

"And after all these things are his, add, I pray, enough of a sense of
humor, so that he may always be serious, yet never take himself too
seriously. Give him humility, so that he may always remember the simplicity
of greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, the meekness of true strength.

"Then I, his father, will dare to whisper, 'I have not lived in vain.'"

Though most of us are not nearly so eloquent, I suspect that all
Christian parents have uttered a similar prayer. Mindful of the great
responsibility that God has given those of us with children, we pray
fervently that God would help us as we strive to train our children in the
ways of the Lord.

While still childless, Hannah made this vow to God: "O Lord of hosts,
if you will indeed look on the affliction of your maidservant and remember
me, and not forget your maidservant, but will give your maidservant a male
child, then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life...." (I
Samuel 1:11). It was a vow she kept, and her son Samuel became one of the
greatest spiritual leaders Israel ever knew.

May Hannah's prayer and Gen MacArthur's prayer be the prayer of all
Christian parents this day.
-Alan Smith

God has blessed me with three girls and two boys. Being that this devotions was about boys, I'll keep to the topic of my boys.

I've said it over and over, how blessed I am. I'll never tire of saying it and I'll never stop believing it. I'm blessed in so many ways. One way I'm blessed, is to have the best husband in the world. I know we all feel "ours" is the best. In my heart I know he was meant for me. He was meant to be the father of my children. We are meant to grow old together.

The prayer above was written by General MacArthur, many years before I was born. When I read his prayer, my Knight came to mind. This is how I see him. He is all that, that prayers asks for and more. My heart's desire is for my Squires, my little boys to grow up and be the best "they" can be. Not that they have to "be" like their dad, but strive to be the best that "they" can be.

My Knight leads by example. He's a great role model. Not just for my boys but for those around him. He makes those around "want" to do better. He's a good leader with incredible character. God has blessed him and used him in mighty ways. God has brought him through storms. Like Job, he chooses to praise God and give Him all the glory. He continues to be challenged and stretched. Still he rises to the occasion. Reminds me of Matthew 25:14-29. I know it talks about "talents of money", but I believe it can also be applied to other areas of our lives, not just monetary.

One of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln says, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. " I find this to be so true. Power does not corrupt, but the "love" of power does. My Knight is the head of our family, he is a leader in his work place, he is a leader at our church, he's a leader in our community.

My prayer for my boys are that they grow up to be the men that God intends for them to be. That they be men after God's own heart. I pray they walk the straight and narrow road and not deviate. I hope they keep their eyes focused on Him who went before them. When they stumble and fall, that they learn their lesson and press on. My heart is full of hope for them. May they always know that they are not alone, that God is always with them. All they have to do is... follow in His steps...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19

Yesterday, Lisa asked a group of us to share 10 things that made us smile. I thought that would make a great TT list. Being that it's 5:36am, not much has happened today. So I will share 13 things that made me smile yesterday...

1- Thoughts of my Knight- he makes my heart skip beats.

2- Soaring Amongst The Clouds and her "isms"- she makes up her own words.

3- Still Waters and her logic- I kid you not, she's like Spock in Star Trek. She gets that from my Knight.

4- Daughter of the King's twinkling eyes- her eyes speak volumes.

5- The sound of my G.I. Joe's voice- he is 13 so his voice is sounding deeper, my baby is growing up.

6- My Warrior playing with his beanie babies- he had them sliding down the stair handrail.

7- Watching the Gypsy Kings video of the song, Volare- made me think of Abuela Caky. I remember her singing it once when I was younger.

8- Tuesday night, was the final of Dancing with the Stars. We are big fans of Apolo Anton Ohno. We taped it and watched Tuesday morning. I enjoy watching people dance. I also enjoy dancing. :o)

9- Tuesday night was the finale of The Bachelor- Officer and a Gentleman- the final rose. We taped it and watched it during lunch. The Bachelor picked the young lady we all wanted him to pick. :o)

10- My children are all outside practicing baseball/softball. Seeing them all working together, helping each other out fills my heart with joy.... how can I not smile at that?!

11- The thought that my Knight will be working out of our home tomorrow Friday. I love it when he's home.

12- I finally found a song that I've been looking for quite some time. I didn't know the name to it, but a jazz station played it. They happen to have a website and I was able to find the title. It's called, Europa- Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile by Gato Barbieri. If click on the name and scroll down, you can hear the song. :o) It was one of my favorite songs when I was a teenager. Now that I've found it, I'm going to order it. :o)

13- The thought that one day I'll be with my Lord and Savior.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday's Feast

List 3 emotions you experienced this week.

* sadness- My friend's nephew died in a car accident. He was 19. Brought back memories of when my brother passed on, he was also 19.

* joy- My Warrior got a good hit off of the league's best pitcher- Big Al, he's 12. Not only that, but he got on base too. This is the second time he's done that. Oh... there is only one other player who's done that and he's 12. My Warrior is 10. :o)

* contentment- Spending time with my family, sitting, talking and laughing.

Name a car you’d love to have.

* Would a motorcycle count? I'd like to have a Gold Wing. Not for me to drive it, but for me to ride it with my Knight. IF that doesn't count, then I'd like to have an RV.

Describe your typical morning routine.

* I log on to my computer and read my online devotions. Get my emails and read the ones that are asking for prayers. I go see what my children are up to. Help with school work (we homeschool), if they need it. Start a load of laundry. Watch the news. Check to see if I have errands to do. By that time, it's lunch time. You see, I get up around 8-8:30a. My children let me sleep in. :o)

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?

* We all know what famous is, or we think we know what it is. So I looked it up. says: famous- 1) having widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated: a famous writer. 2) informal. first-rate; excellent: the singer gave a famous performance. 3) notorious (used pejoratively). Not only did I look up this word, but I looked up the other words in the description of this word and the description of the words those words too.

So, what is famous to me, might not be famous to some one else. With that said, my answer would have to be yes. I have emailed someone famous... my Knight. Yes, he did/does reply.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?




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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18

I'm blessed to have five children. My dream was to have a dozen. Ok, you can pick up you jaw from the floor or wipe your computer screen from what you just spewed on it. I've always wanted to have a large family. I was always thinking of what I would name them. I even bought a book of baby names when I was in 10th grade!

In my family blog, A Glance Into My World, I wrote an entry about how fascinated I am with names. I shared about what our names means and the story of how we came to be named. If you are interested in names you can go to Baby Names World and search for names.

On my TT #16 list, I wrote a list of girl names I liked. To be fair, I thought I'd share some boy names I've always liked.

* Joseph

* Daniel

* Giovanni

* Andre

* Andrew

* Manuel

* Alejandro (Alexander)

* Demetri (Demetrio)

* Caleb

* Michael (Michaelangelo)

* Anjelo

* Paolo (Gianpaolo)

* Giancarlo

I know, what can I say, I have something for Italian names. :o) Do you have a favorite male name? Care to share it? Is there a reason why you like it?

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday's Feast

Tell about a time when you had to be brave.

*I've had to be brave a few times. So lets see... oh, ok. In 2003 I was diagnosed with chiari malformation with a herniation of 12mm and hydrocephalus. Chiari malformation is a brain disorder. Basically it's a disorder which causes the brain to herniate down into the spinal canal. My herniation is 12mm. Hydrocephalus is a cerebrospinal fluid build up in the brain. This explained why I had been suffering with debilitating headaches all my life. I had to have two separate brain surgeries. The first one was to install a shunt, to help drain the cerebrospinal fluid. The second one was a decompression with duraplasty and a laminectomy of C1. Which means, they had to create a little more room to alleviate my brain. Their is no cure for chiari. This surgery is a last resort. Only done when there is a threat of symptoms getting worse. Having any kind of surgery is dangerous... specially when they put you under. I had a peace about both surgeries. I knew that a God was in control and whatever happened it was for the best. I hope that in the eyes of my five precious children I was a brave mom.

Which upcoming movie are you excited about seeing?

* Ah... that would have to be... Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Name an item you try to always have on hand.

* A card. You never know when you have to send someone an uplifting note. Oh, and coke. I'm a coke addict. Coca cola that is. :o)

Main Course
Imagine the most relaxing room you can think of. Now describe it!

* That would have to be my family room. It's the hub of our home. Our navy blue, soft, leather sectional couch sits 10. The two seats in the end recline. The couch is up against our 8 foot wide and 5 1/2 foot tall window. The window looks over our pool and 4 out of 5 of our acres. There is a door to the right of the window that opens up to the pool patio. We have a counter that separates our family room from the kitchen. The counter is filled with picture frames, which contain pictures of my family. The wall to the left of the window has a bookcase filled with movies we've collected through the years. On top of that bookcase, we have trophies our children have won. Up against the wall to the left of that is our pine wood, entertainment center. Which holds out tv, dvd and cd player. To the right of the center is where we store some of our cd's. To the left is where we store some more movies. On top of the entertainment center we have some more picture frames with pictures of my children and some more trophies. The wall to the left of the center has some more picture frames. One of the picture frames is a collage of pictures my children put together for me for Mother's Day last year. It's one of my favorites. The pictures are all in black in white. Across our blue couch we have a solid oak wood couch with clue cushions that were upholstered by Daughter of the King. It seats three people. On our couch you can always find a soft blanket or a throw. In front of our entertainment center I have a couple of baskets. Some hold my boy's school work. On holds 10 scrapbooking albums. Another basket holds some more cd's. The ceiling in our family room is high vault. We have a long white fan. When you look up you can see a wooden rail and the hallway upstairs. You can also see pictures hanging on the wall. They are drawings that we made by Still Waters. One picture frame has magazine that some pictures of Soaring Amongst The Cloud was featured in when she use to play soccer. The family room is my favorite room. It's were we all hang out.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how spiritual or religious are you?

* Mmmm... I really don't consider myself as being spiritual or religious. I do have a personal relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. On a scale of 1-10, how much I love Him, I would say 10. Do I always show it... no. But I strive to show Him every day.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17

In honor of Mother's Day, my list will be about what I've learned from the two most important women who raised me, my mom and my abuela. Now there are many things that I've learned from them, but since this is a Thursday Thirteen list, I have to limit my list.

* I remember my mom taking me and my sister up to the front window of our home. She would have us looking out the window right around the time my dad was expected to be home. When we spotted him, she would say (in Spanish), " Look who's walking up the side walk! IT'S the BEST DADDY in the WHOLE WORLD!" - I learned that a wife has the power to build up or tear down her husband... I learned to edify my husband.

* My abuela didn't learn to drive till she was a grandma. - I learned that you are never too old to try something new.

* While I was growing up, my abuela had two jobs. She worked as a housekeeper/nanny and she worked at the hospital as a unit secretary. She never complained. - I learned there is good that comes out of having good work ethics.

* My mom always had dinner ready when my dad got home from work. We always ate together. - I learned that having a routine is good for a family.

* My mom always enjoyed (and still enjoys) watching, I Love Lucy. Probably cause she was free spirited and spontaneous like Lucy. I remember many last minute, "let's go to the...." trips. -I learned that spontaneity brings balance.

* My mom had (has) a temper. At times she would punish me out of anger. -I learned that punishing out of anger is wrong.

* My mom was always telling my brother (in Spanish), that he should treat ladies like the petal of a rose. -I learned that we (men and women) matter... we are worthy.

* I am 43 years old. In my lifetime, I don't ever recall ever seeing a blemish on my mom's face. She rarely used make up. If she did, it was a little rouge on her cheeks and lips. -I learned that their is nothing like natural beauty. God fashioned us after His own image... why mess with it?!

* Abuela was a very kind, loving and giving lady. Even when she was treated unkind, she abided by the Golden Rule: do to others as you would have them do to you. There was a person that was interested in a family member. In the beginning this person treated her kindly. Once the person married into our family, this person wanted nothing to do with Abuela. This person wouldn't even acknowledge her. It hurt to see this, but she was still kind, loving and giving of her love and time. -I learned that love can overcome any obstacle.

* Abuela always wore soft, cotton batas. That's Spanish for house dresses. LOL! Her dresses were always made out of pretty, small flower prints. She didn't wear bright colors. They were always soft pastels. -I learned that it doesn't matter what's "in" , if you like it wear it. Oh, guess what's my favorite style dress... soft, cotton country dresses. I have over 12 of them hanging in my closet. :o)

* When my mom met my Knight. She said, that's the one you should marry. -I learned that parents do know best. Who else would have your best interest at heart?

* My mom and abuela always had a rocky relationship. They were (are) both strong willed, independent women, with big hearts. It was always best if things went their way for all those around. LOL! -I learned that I can't always have it my way. That it's not all about me.

* My mom doesn't tell me that she loves me. Words don't come easy to her. She does show me, in her own way, that she loves me. She'll call and tell me to be careful in the parking lots. That I should do my errands during the day. To be careful when it rains. Not to go out when it's too late, that the roads are too dark. She'll read articles to me over the phone. Tells me about radio segment she heard, regarding a health issue. When I had my two brain surgeries, she came to help take care of me. It's her way of saying, I love you. -I learned that actions speak louder than words, but it's good to hear the words too.

I love my mom. I love my abuela. They helped to shape me into the woman I am today. I owe them so much. I know that girls sometimes wince at the thought of being like their mom. There are things about my mom, that makes me think, "I don't want to be like my mom." BUT when I think back, there are many things about my mom, that I'm proud to think, "I'm just like my mom!"

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday's Feast


Name something you would not want to own.

* At this present time, a Suburban. Gas prices are over the top. With all the running around I do, I would spend a fortune in gas. I do wish I had a mini van. I miss my van. It was totaled two yeas ago. I was sentimentally attached to it.

Describe your hair (texture, color, length, etc.).

*I have soft, thin, curly hair. It's dark brown with natural almond highlights. I have gray hair scattered throughout. It's about 5 inches past my shoulders.


Finish this sentence: I’ll never forget ___________.

* How even though I was surrounded by loved ones, I felt alone and empty when I was told my brother had died. How on the delivery table, right after I had delivered Souring Amongst The Clouds, I looked at my Knight and told him, "Let's have another one." Ten months later, Still Waters was born. ;o) How I always said, "I don't want to be thirty and pregnant." Guess what, on my 30th b-day, I was pregnant, with G.I. Joe, and The Warrior was born 2 1/2 years later. I have so many, "I'll never forget..." moments.

Main Course
Which famous person would you like to be for one day? Why?

* If only for one day... I would like to be Audrey Hepburn. I wrote an entry about Audrey Hepburn a while ago. She was what I envisioned a lady would be like. She always seemed soft, sweet, gentle, loving and kind. But always had this look of wistfulness. I would like to know what she was thinking and feeling. Not to mention that I thought she had an incredible sense of style. She was a great humanitarian. She was an extraordinary lady.

Write one sentence about yourself that includes one thing that is true and another thing that is not.

* This should be fun. Which one do you think is true? I'll post the answer in a couple of days... 1- I enjoy reading but can't because it makes me dizzy. 2- I'm a morning person.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

In my family blog, A Glance Into My World, I wrote an entry about how fascinated I am with names. I shared about what our names means and the story of how we came to be named.

I thought I'd share some names my girls are thankful I didn't name them. I don't know why, because they are truly beautiful names. But I guess, when you are use to hearing your own name, any other name would not be the same...

* Penelope

* Anastasia

* Gabriella

* Samantha

* Mia

* Maiya

* Isabella

* Natasha

* Aphrodite

* Danielle

* Annabelle

* Guinevere

Share a name you like? Is there a story why you like it? Where did you hear that name?

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Being that this week was my Knight's 44th birthday, my list will be about him. I will share 13 memory moments. I'd love to share more, but there is plenty of time for that...

* We met in tenth grade, in our College Vocabulary class. He sat two seats in front of me, on the row to my right. He would tilt his head a little to the side to glance at me. Who could resist those baby blue eyes?

* While in high school, he was a DJ. Our first dance together was at a halloween party he invited me to. The song that was playing was, How Deep Is You Love by the Bee Gees. My favorite group. He was a gentleman, he didn't hold me too close. I felt safe in his arms.

* One day my mom drove by his night time job. He use to park cars at a restaurant. She started honking the horn and waving. I crouched down on the seat, so he wouldn't see me. I was so embarrassed!

* We were not a couple during high school. We only went out a few times. When I went back to my first boyfriend, I could see the sadness in eyes. I had hurt him. But what did I know. I was a young, immature girl, who didn't know she was letting go of the man she would someday marry.

* In 1981 (right out of high school) he joined the Army. When he came home on leave during Christmas, I went to greet him at the airport. Seeing him walking towards all who were there to see him, made my heart skip a beat. He looked so handsome in his uniform. Of all the people who were there, he greeted me first.

* The first movie we saw together was Cinderella. It was playing at the theater. After the movie we went for a stroll at the marina. That's where we kissed for the first time.

* We had over 500 guests at our wedding. We were so busy going from table to table, that we didn't get to eat. His eyes were sparkling that day.

* We were stationed in Ft. Polk, Louisiana the first ten months of our marriage. While living there, he hurt his leg playing football. I drove him home. He started to go into shock. I managed to convince him that going to the ER was a good idea. The doc was going to give him quarters for 24 hours and a prescription for motrin. Quarters is a term used when they mean no work. Yep, back then motrin was a prescription drug. I was adamant. I was not taking him until they x-rayed that leg. After MUCH insistence from a mere 93 lb., 19 year old wife, his leg was x-rayed. Oh, and yes, he had a nasty break. I will never forget how scared I was. I did not like to see my Knight in pain.

* Did you know that a motorcycle can be driven with a broken leg? Yep, he did it. Where there is a will there is a way. He was determined. He looked so daring on that red motorcycle with his broken leg propped up.

* While vacationing in Capri, Italy, he and his buddy Roarke decided to go rock climbing. It scared me to death to see where they had climbed. The reason it scared me was because they had climbed with not gear. He had this, "I did it" look. I had this, "You're killing me" look, but I was proud of him.

* On one of our ski trips to Austria, we went down this run that we thought was an intermediate run. Turned out to be a black diamond run. He felt confident that we could do it. He's such a thrill seeker, I was always scared that something would happen to him. So, whatever he would want to do, I'd do too. We didn't fall once. It was a great run. The grin on his face was priceless.

* When we were in the hospital waiting the arrival of our second baby, he was the one that took care of me. My water had broke and my bed was wet. He asked the nurse to please bring some of the blue padding so I would continue to feel wet. She told him, that is was senseless to do that, cause it was still going to get messy. He's the one that cleaned it up and made me comfortable.

* We went target shooting with our oldest two and a group of their friends. It was the first time they had gone shooting. Well, they have shot their brother's bb gun, but we all know it's not the same thing as shooting a real gun. Our girls were the best girl shooters. My Knight looked so proud.

We will soon celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss. Like everyone else, we've had our share of sad times, tragedies and good times. Going through all that together is what has helped us to be who we are today. No just who I am or who he is, but who we are as a couple. It's made us stronger and more devoted to one another.

My dearest Knight,
I'm so thankful that God created you. That he sat fit to bring us together. May God continue to bless our marriage.
forever yours...
Your Lady~

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In Honor Of My Knight...

My Knight and His Lady

My Knight's 44th birthday is today. There is so much I admire about my Knight in shining armor. In honor of his birthday, I will share "44" awesome things about him. For those that know him, know all this to be true. First I'll start with some of his character traits that I admire, then I'll move on to some tidbits about him. My Knight is...

* A Godly man- he seeks God daily and strives to be the man God wants him to be.

* Loving

* Tolerant- bless his heart, he's put up with me for almost 25 years!

* Honorable

* Dependable

* Chivalrous- yep, he still opens the door for me.

* Wise- I tell the truth, my man is seldom wrong and when he is, he is quick to acknowledge it.

* Trustworthy

* Honest

* Leader

* Faithful

* Hopeful

* Respectful

* Valiant

* Brave- he was an MP in the Army. He laid his life on the line daily.

* Loyal

* Encouraging

* Logical

* Intelligent

* Sincere

* Polite

* Reliable

* Responsible

* Observant

* Persevering

* Rational

* Positive

* Thankful

* Unselfish

* Mature

* Hard Working

* Helpful

* Competitive- he doesn't like to lose, but he's gracious when he does, he's a good sportsman.

* He knew in tenth grade, that I was the one he was going to marry.(More about this on a later post... so stay tuned.)

* Got his private pilot's license when while he was still in high school.

* Joined the Army at 18.

* Traveled all over Europe while stationed in Germany.

* Took up skiing and loves it.

* Worked full time and while attending college.

* He earned a 4 year degree in computer science in 3 years.

* He's a Promise Keeper.

* Loves to spend time with me and our five children.

* Has been working for the same company for over 18 years.

* Tells and shows me that he loves me EVERY day.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

This will seem a little ah... odd. But my list today is about what my perfect world would be like. It's mainly due to the melancholy mood I've been in lately. But that's alright, I know this too shall pass. :o) This is off the top of my head. There is lots more that I would add to my list, but since this is a TT list, I had to limit my list. In my perfect world...

* There would be unconditional love.

* The color of our skin would not matter.

* What we look like would not matter.

* There would be no physical, verbal or mental abuse.

* We would not be selfish.

* We would all greet each other with a hug.

* Time with family would be a high priority for all.

* We would respect one another.

* We would appreciate the here and now, not take it for granted.

* We would realize that hard work does pay off.

* We would be more open with one another and willing to share our experience to help others along.

* Babies would not be aborted. Who knows, maybe the babies that are being killed are the ones that will find a cure for aids, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

* Everyone would abide by the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

My perfect world does exist, it's just not here. It's called Heaven. One day He will welcome me with open arms. I hope to see you there too...

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Monday, April 16, 2007

"Do" Even When You Don't Want To

The harder it is for me to do something for him the more I want to do it. Why, because I love him. Do I do this all the time? No, but I try. Do I feel like this all the time? No, but my heart's desire it to want to be like that all the time.

If I left the things I do up to feelings, I probably wouldn't do it. Think about it. Who really "feels" like taking out the trash? Who really "feels" like filling up the gas tank? Who really "feels" like ironing or doing house chores? Who really "feels" like running errands? See what I mean? These are only the little everyday things. The same applies to the bigger things.

I think it all, like most things, comes down to choice. I chose to do because I love my Knight. Guess what, because he loves me, his heart's desire is to do for me too. Wow! Imagine that.

Without meaning to, I am a selfish creature. I don't like to think of myself this way, but it's true. I daily have to chose to die to self. By doing that, it frees me up to love others. Throughout God's Word we read, "Love your neighbor as yourself." I looked it up, it's quoted seven times. (Leviticus19:18 , Matthew 19:19, Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27, Romans 13:9, Galatians 5:14 and James 2:8)

When I first became a Christian, I thought this scripture applied to my neighbors, friends or other people I come in contact with. Well yes, that's true. Then one day it dawned on me, "HELLO! Those I LIVE with ARE my neighbors!" They are my closest neighbors. Ah... it all made sense. These "neighbors" see the ugly in me and the not so ugly. I also see this in them. Which makes it all the harder. At the same time makes it all the sweeter.

In "doing" for others we are blessing them. Without realizing it, we get blessed in the process. I know I get this joyous, full feeling within me when I "do". There are times that I can't physically "do" but praying is certainly something I can "do" at any time.

So even when I don't want or feel like "doing", I remind myself, that it's not about me. It's all about Him who died for me. When I "do" for others, I'm "doing" for Him.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

My Abuela Caky (abuela is Spanish for grandma) was an extraordinary woman. She was kind, loving and giving. Not just of her time or love... she shared and gave what little she had. If you want to find out just what an awesome lady she was and how she came to be here... hop on over to A Glance Into My World.

Today for my TT list, are songs that are helping me grieve the passing of my Abuela Caky. I will share songs that will express how I'm feeling. Songs that God is using to comfort me. Songs that continue to give me hope and keep my faith strong. May they give you hope and strengthen your faith...

To read the lyrics, click on the title of the song. To hear part of the song click on the artist.

* Beauty From Pain by Superchick

* My Savior My God by Aaron Shust

* Praise You In The Storm by Casting Crowns

* For Such A Time As This by Wayne Watson

* Volare by Gypsy Kings

* Cry Out To Jesus by Third Day

* When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton

* Homesick by Mercy Me

* Whispers In The Dark by Skillet

* What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

* Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World by Israel "Izzy" Kamakawiwo o'le

* Stained Glass Masquerade by Casting Crown

* This Is Your Life by Switchfoot

Monday, April 9, 2007

Beauty From Pain

My heart is heavy. My spirit is light. I just can't bring myself to share right now. My Abuela Caky has gone to be with our Lord and Savior. My soul rejoices, but my heart weeps.

My Savior is comforting me. I know she is no longer in pain or suffering. She is in the presence of the Creator. Knowing that makes my pain tolerable. I hold on to the hope that one day we will be together again. I love you Abuela. You are missed, but you will live on in my memories.

Beauty From Pain
by Superchick

The lights go out all around me
One last candle to keep out the night
And then the darkness surrounds me
I know I'm alive
But I feel like I've died

And all that's left is to accept that it's over
My dreams ran like sand through the fists that I made
I try to keep warm but I just grow colder
I feel like I'm slipping away

After all this has passed
I still will remain
After I've cried my last
There'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today
Someday I'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain
You will bring beauty from my pain

My whole world is the pain inside me
The best I can do is just get through the day
When life before is only a memory
I wonder why God let me walk through this place

And though I can't understand why this happened
I know that I will when I look back someday
And see how You've brought beauty from ashes
And made me as gold purified through these flames

Here and I am at the end of me (at the end of me)
Trying to hold to what I can't see
I forgot how to hope
This night's been so long
I cling to your promise there will be a dawn

Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday Feast

{Featured Flickr Feast by Pastor Rob}

When you travel, which mode of transportation do you prefer?

I enjoy traveling by plane and RV's. Being that we are a family of seven, RV'ing is the best and most affordable way for us to travel. We've had some great vacations. We've been able to travel all over the South all the way up to Canada. My Knight and I, thanks to the military, were able to travel all over Europe. :o)

Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?

No. There are many that I would like to meet.

When was the last time you were really, really tired?

I have chiari malformation 2 with a 12mm herniation & hydrocephalus. I also have lupus & fibromyalgia. With these bag of goodies, I tire easily. BUT, I don't let it get me down. I've learned to pace myself. Key words are... rest often.

Main Course
If you could have dinner with any one fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be?

Forrest Gump. I would love to hear his other stories.

Fill in the blank: One day, I hope to see _______________. loved ones saved. The thought of being eternally separated is too painful.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

This past Saturday, we went to the MacDill Air Force Base Airfest 2007. Our main goal was to see the Blue Angels. We got to see the Blue Angels and much more. We took over 400 pictures! AND we got to video tape too. I was a happy camper. :o) Oh and guess what it was all free!

I have more and better pictures on my family blog. Feel free to check it out at: A Glance Into My World. Should the Blue Angels ever come your way... go see them. you'll be in for a treat.

Today I'll be sharing 13 pictures we took at the Airfest...

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Not My Will But His

Since he was a young Squire, my Knight had always dreamed of being a pilot. Flying planes was all he ever thought of. Well, that and girls. LOL! Come on he was a boy after all. :o)

Our school was pretty big. It offered lots of different types of classes that other schools didn't offer. One of the classes was an aviation class. He got his private pilot license while in high school. He had a goal. He wanted to go to Annapolis. He wanted to serve his country and fly jets. That was his dream. Annapolis accepted him. He was well on his way. Until a a more extensive eye exam showed he was color deficient. He is not color blind, that's a different problem. His deficiency was not bad enough to prevent him from getting his private pilots license. But bad enough not to be able to fly commercial or for the military. His dreams were chattered.

God had other plans for him. Something beyond his wildest dreams. You see had he gone on to Annapolis, he would of had to be in the a academy for 4 years. While in the academy, the cadets can not be married. Once you graduate from the academy you are an officer. You have to serve a minimum of 6 years in active duty. Oh, after you graduate, they can get married.

He decided to join the Army. While in basic training my Knight and I started courting... via letters. Back in 1981, email wasn't around and neither were cell phones. Ooops, I almost started to chase the rabbit again. Sorry about that. Let me get back on track.

Had he gone away to Annapolis, we wouldn't have been able to get married in the summer of 1982. There are many questions I wonder about. Would we have set up our first home in Ft. Polk, Louisiana? Would we have met Don, who impacted our lives that can only be described as, "seeing Christ light shine through him"? He walked the walk and talked the talk. Would we have been able to live in Germany? Would we have traveled all around Europe? Would we have made the life long friends we made? Would we have settled in this Sunny place? Would my Knight have become a software engineer? Would we have been blessed with our five precious children? Would he be working for the wonderful company he works for? Would he love his job like he loves his job now? Would we be living in the country? Would we have accepted Christ into our lives when we did? So many "would we have...".

My Knight is not one to dwell on "what if" or " why". He's all about choosing to move on... to persevere. I love his attitude. His "can do" way of being. His "you can do it" way of thinking.

Today we spent the day at the MacDill Air Force Base Airfest 2007. Our main goal was to see the Blue Angels. We got to see way more than the Blue Angels. They had all types of different kind of airplanes, helicopters and machinery. Not only were they there for us to see, but we could go "in" them. We got to talk to different soldiers regarding the different things we saw. It was an eventful day. We all had a "beyond" wonderful time. The maneuvers we saw the pilots do with their airplanes will forever be embedded in our minds. We even got to see paratroopers. They all put on a spectacular show.

I was in awe by everything I saw. Most of all, I was in awe of my Knight. I had thought that maybe going to see the show would make him think of what could of been. I was wrong. He loved every minute of it. He loved being there with his children and his Lady. Showing us all, all the different planes and telling us all about them. He's so wise and knowledgeable. I couldn't help but look and admire him. He was watching others live out their dreams. While he is living the dream, he never dreamed possible... following God's will for his life.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Respect Your Husband Like a VIP

Catchy title huh? Well, I'm not that creative. I'm on the Family Life emailing list. Today's email had a couple of great articles in them. I'll focus on one today. It's called, Woman to Woman: Respect You Husband Like a VIP.

My Knight and I have a great relationship. I'm truly blessed. Neither of us are perfect... well no one is, but we all strive to be better. That's what we are called to do. I want to be the woman God wants me to be. I want to be the wife, I was created to be for my Knight.

We got married in June of 1982. I was one week shy of being 19. Two months earlier he had turned 19. We were so young. I remember hearing how a couple has to give 100% to make it work... 50% from each spouse. Some of the articles I read and advice I got said, everything should be 50/50, like cooking or house chores. You do this and I'll do that. The problem with this way of thinking is that it leads to selfishness among other things. "Well, I did it the last time, it's your turn to do it this time."

I do things because love my Knight. I want to make his life easier, less stressful. I want to please, honor and keep him happy. God created Adam and saw that it was not good for man to be alone. He later created Eve out of Adam's rib. She was created to be his help meet (adjective).

* A little rabbit chasing: Alright, I can hear it now, but Eve sinned. She led Adam astray. Yep, she caved into temptation and so did he. We are all sinners. But that doesn't mean we can keep sinning. We have a choice. Daily, I chose to please my Lord and Savior, by obeying God and following His will for me. By doing that, I'm striving to be the best me possible. Which means, I try to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend.... I can be. Oh yeah, I in no way, shape or form can do it on my own. Self keeps popping her head in. Trying to wreck havoc. BUT!... Daily I strive to die to self.

Ok, back from chasing the rabbit. Society sees that as being a "floor mat", weak, slave and other demeaning things. Personally, I don't think of it like that. I feel great when I please my Knight. It pleases me to please him. It makes me happy to see he is happy. When I'm busy thinking about what to do to help him, it makes my life easier. How, because I'm not busy or dwelling on "me".

I often wonder why some women treat their friends better than they treat their husbands. Some are so eager to please their friends and do stuff for them. Yet when it comes to their spouse, it's different. Why?

My Knight is my best friend, my soul mate. He completes me. I can't imagine my life without him. Will I cease to exist once God calls him? No, my prayer is that I go before he does. LOL! Ok, all joking aside. No, I will be here. I will continue to strive to be the best me possible. Not just because of him, my children or anyone else. But because it's what God has called me to be.

So for now, I will continue to do the little things and yes, the big things too. Not only because I have to, but because I want to. It's all in my attitude. It all boils down to choice. I chose to be happy. To do. To love.

Friday's Feast

What are you proud of?
My family: My Knight and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this summer. He's an awesome godly man. We are blessed with five wonderful children, who strive to please the Lord. Can't take the credit for it, God has blessed us.

What is the best thing you’ve ever won as a prize?
Love & trust. When one has been hurt, a wall is built around them. It's hard for them to love or trust again. If you persevere and break the wall down, you both win.

Name something you do that is a waste of time.
I spend wayyyyyyy too much time on my computer.

Main Course
In what year of your life did you change the most?
When I was 28, I gave my life to Christ. I thought I had such a wonderful life. I never thought it could get any better. I was wrong... I've been blessed beyond measure.

Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?
In my Knight's arms.