Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In Honor Of My Knight...

My Knight and His Lady

My Knight's 44th birthday is today. There is so much I admire about my Knight in shining armor. In honor of his birthday, I will share "44" awesome things about him. For those that know him, know all this to be true. First I'll start with some of his character traits that I admire, then I'll move on to some tidbits about him. My Knight is...

* A Godly man- he seeks God daily and strives to be the man God wants him to be.

* Loving

* Tolerant- bless his heart, he's put up with me for almost 25 years!

* Honorable

* Dependable

* Chivalrous- yep, he still opens the door for me.

* Wise- I tell the truth, my man is seldom wrong and when he is, he is quick to acknowledge it.

* Trustworthy

* Honest

* Leader

* Faithful

* Hopeful

* Respectful

* Valiant

* Brave- he was an MP in the Army. He laid his life on the line daily.

* Loyal

* Encouraging

* Logical

* Intelligent

* Sincere

* Polite

* Reliable

* Responsible

* Observant

* Persevering

* Rational

* Positive

* Thankful

* Unselfish

* Mature

* Hard Working

* Helpful

* Competitive- he doesn't like to lose, but he's gracious when he does, he's a good sportsman.

* He knew in tenth grade, that I was the one he was going to marry.(More about this on a later post... so stay tuned.)

* Got his private pilot's license when while he was still in high school.

* Joined the Army at 18.

* Traveled all over Europe while stationed in Germany.

* Took up skiing and loves it.

* Worked full time and while attending college.

* He earned a 4 year degree in computer science in 3 years.

* He's a Promise Keeper.

* Loves to spend time with me and our five children.

* Has been working for the same company for over 18 years.

* Tells and shows me that he loves me EVERY day.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday to "The Knight"!
He sounds like a wonderful man. You're very lucky. It's nice to see someone praising their husband.

Wishing him the best day!

Lady G~ said...

He is a wonderful man. He is very loved. Those that know him only have good things to say about him. He has such integrity. I'm truly blessed.

The GateKeeper said...

And may I be so lucky, or blessed, to find such a Knight as yours. In the meantime I will let Jesus be the lover of my soul. You are blessed indeed my Lady.

Kiki said...

People should read this.