Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Being that this week was my Knight's 44th birthday, my list will be about him. I will share 13 memory moments. I'd love to share more, but there is plenty of time for that...

* We met in tenth grade, in our College Vocabulary class. He sat two seats in front of me, on the row to my right. He would tilt his head a little to the side to glance at me. Who could resist those baby blue eyes?

* While in high school, he was a DJ. Our first dance together was at a halloween party he invited me to. The song that was playing was, How Deep Is You Love by the Bee Gees. My favorite group. He was a gentleman, he didn't hold me too close. I felt safe in his arms.

* One day my mom drove by his night time job. He use to park cars at a restaurant. She started honking the horn and waving. I crouched down on the seat, so he wouldn't see me. I was so embarrassed!

* We were not a couple during high school. We only went out a few times. When I went back to my first boyfriend, I could see the sadness in eyes. I had hurt him. But what did I know. I was a young, immature girl, who didn't know she was letting go of the man she would someday marry.

* In 1981 (right out of high school) he joined the Army. When he came home on leave during Christmas, I went to greet him at the airport. Seeing him walking towards all who were there to see him, made my heart skip a beat. He looked so handsome in his uniform. Of all the people who were there, he greeted me first.

* The first movie we saw together was Cinderella. It was playing at the theater. After the movie we went for a stroll at the marina. That's where we kissed for the first time.

* We had over 500 guests at our wedding. We were so busy going from table to table, that we didn't get to eat. His eyes were sparkling that day.

* We were stationed in Ft. Polk, Louisiana the first ten months of our marriage. While living there, he hurt his leg playing football. I drove him home. He started to go into shock. I managed to convince him that going to the ER was a good idea. The doc was going to give him quarters for 24 hours and a prescription for motrin. Quarters is a term used when they mean no work. Yep, back then motrin was a prescription drug. I was adamant. I was not taking him until they x-rayed that leg. After MUCH insistence from a mere 93 lb., 19 year old wife, his leg was x-rayed. Oh, and yes, he had a nasty break. I will never forget how scared I was. I did not like to see my Knight in pain.

* Did you know that a motorcycle can be driven with a broken leg? Yep, he did it. Where there is a will there is a way. He was determined. He looked so daring on that red motorcycle with his broken leg propped up.

* While vacationing in Capri, Italy, he and his buddy Roarke decided to go rock climbing. It scared me to death to see where they had climbed. The reason it scared me was because they had climbed with not gear. He had this, "I did it" look. I had this, "You're killing me" look, but I was proud of him.

* On one of our ski trips to Austria, we went down this run that we thought was an intermediate run. Turned out to be a black diamond run. He felt confident that we could do it. He's such a thrill seeker, I was always scared that something would happen to him. So, whatever he would want to do, I'd do too. We didn't fall once. It was a great run. The grin on his face was priceless.

* When we were in the hospital waiting the arrival of our second baby, he was the one that took care of me. My water had broke and my bed was wet. He asked the nurse to please bring some of the blue padding so I would continue to feel wet. She told him, that is was senseless to do that, cause it was still going to get messy. He's the one that cleaned it up and made me comfortable.

* We went target shooting with our oldest two and a group of their friends. It was the first time they had gone shooting. Well, they have shot their brother's bb gun, but we all know it's not the same thing as shooting a real gun. Our girls were the best girl shooters. My Knight looked so proud.

We will soon celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss. Like everyone else, we've had our share of sad times, tragedies and good times. Going through all that together is what has helped us to be who we are today. No just who I am or who he is, but who we are as a couple. It's made us stronger and more devoted to one another.

My dearest Knight,
I'm so thankful that God created you. That he sat fit to bring us together. May God continue to bless our marriage.
forever yours...
Your Lady~

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Janne said...

I love to read love stories like this. Happy birthday to your knight...and a very happy 25th anniversary to you both!

And Happy TT!

I'm sharing Florida sunsets pictures on my TT today. :)

byoc said...

He sounds like a wonderful husband!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Beautiful, G! Your hubby is blessed indeed.

JAM said...

Wonderful tribute to a great guy. I'm so sorry you had to be stationed at Ft. Polk. (aka the armpit of the universe)

Lady G~ said...

janne- thanks! Life is good!

byoc- he is wonderful. :o)

lori- you know my heart.

jam- not many know about Ft.Polk, unless they were stationed there. were you?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am so bawling! So good. Be back in a bit when I pull myself together.

Babystepper said...

He sounds like an absolutely wonderful man. You're a very lucky lady.

Robin said...

It really warms my heart to read such a beautiful tribute to such an enduring love.

Happy birthday to your knight, and happy soon to be anniversary to you both.

Anonymous said...

Aww! I loved your TT! Congratulations! Your relationship sounds amazing! :) Have a wonderful week!

Christine said...

He sounds like a marvelous man. My husband and I went to go see Little Mermaid together.
Those are some precious memeories.

I'm working on intreview questions for you, I should have them ready for you tonight.
Happy TT!

Mitchypoo said...

You two are just so dang adorable!! Great list! Happy TT!

Kathy said...

Hi, Lady G! Happy birthday to your Knight! That's a great list of stuff as is the post on his 44th. Beautiful; we can tell you love him very much.
Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

That was touching and beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Your Knight is blessed to have you.

The Rock Chick said...

Awww, a very happy birthday to your husband. He sounds like a wonderful man. Happy 25th Anniversary, too! wow!!!! My 15th is coming up in two weeks....time flies, but it's been a great time!!!

Happy TT- Jessica The Rock Chick

wolfbernz said...

Love is grand. Sounds like he's a great guy!
Happy Birthday.

Christine said...

Hi Lady G,
Thank you for your nice compliment on my first scrapbook page.

That sounds like a fantastic idea, to print out some of my most favorite blog posts and make an album.

BTW-I'm just checking to see if you got my email with my interview questions.

Have a great Monday!