Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

In my family blog, A Glance Into My World, I wrote an entry about how fascinated I am with names. I shared about what our names means and the story of how we came to be named.

I thought I'd share some names my girls are thankful I didn't name them. I don't know why, because they are truly beautiful names. But I guess, when you are use to hearing your own name, any other name would not be the same...

* Penelope

* Anastasia

* Gabriella

* Samantha

* Mia

* Maiya

* Isabella

* Natasha

* Aphrodite

* Danielle

* Annabelle

* Guinevere

Share a name you like? Is there a story why you like it? Where did you hear that name?

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samulli said...

He, he, now this is a funny list. I must say I can understand your daughters' reluctance to go through life with a name like Aphrodite or
Guinevere, though. They just call for any playground bully to make fun of them.
I think, it's all very nice and well to know the supposed original meaning of a name, but parents should also take into consideration the more recent connotations to certain names. Anastacia, for instance, always makes me think of the singer - and since I can't stand her, I also can't stand the name. Of course, things like that are highly personal. But it would be very hard for any girl to live up to a name like Aphrodite. If she doesn't turn out to be an absolute stunning beauty, she'd be just ridiculous.

scooper said...

I like almost all of the names on the list, but I'm cringing at the idea of being named Aphrodite.

LLD said...

I agree Aphrodite....can't really think of a good nickname to come out of that one either...Gwen would be nice out of Guinevere though!

I like Sam - in lieu of Samantha.

Reese is a favorite of mine too!

Lady G~ said...

Seems like Aphrodite is not a popular name. LOL! When I was young I really liked that name because I was into Greek and Roman mythology. Which is why the name made the list. It was a name I liked.

Like anything else, seasons for names come and go. Some names are common or popular for a long time. In the United States, you don't see too many girls being named Eleanor right now. But there was a time when it was popular. Aphrodite might not be popular here, but in Greece it might me. Who knows...

Katrina (AKA Trina) said...

They are ALL beautiful names, however think of the nick names.. Aphrodite, for instance, would you call them Aphro for short? OR Dite? LOL

Lady G~ said...

I really wouldn't of named my girls Aprhodite, but I do like the name. A good nickname would be "T". :o)

Babystepper said...

I'm with you on some of those names, and with your girls on some others. ie Aphrodite, Penelope and Anastasia. (The last one is only because it was the name of one of the evil step-sisters in Cinderella)

JAM said...

I was going to say, I like all of the names except Aphrodite, but others beat me to it. It just doesn't soud pretty to me. I like the others though.

I remember when my daughters were born in the 80s, that Kaitlyn (or one of the other ways to spell the same name, and Tiffany were popular names. I was trying to imagine a future filled with Grandma Tiffany, and Grandma Kaitlyn...

David said...

I've always been partial to Phreddie, though it probably wouldn't make the short list for girls' names...


Lesley said...

I LOVE the name Anastasia. My son's name is Nicholai so if I had a girl and named her Anastasia I'd have a whole theme going on. I'm really set on the name Avalon though! Now lets just see if we ever have a girl. hehe

Mitchypoo said...

I like most of those names. I always wanted a girl and was going to name her Sasheen Silver. My mom had a friend who was Native American and she had a daughter she named that. I just love how it sounds. Happy TT!

Denise Patrick said...

Names are important, but I tend to like simpler ones, like Sarah and Emma.

she said...

Ok, I'm old fashioned. I've always wanted a nice simple name like Sarah (grandmother's name) as opposed to the one my parents handed me. Granted, it's not that the name is odd - just the traditional spelling isn't as common once you leave the auld sod.

Christine said...

Lindsay was almost named Isabelle.
And Marissa, we almost named her Valentina, because she was born on you guessed it Valentine's Day!
I told her if she wanted later on she could change her name to that, she said she was glad I didn't.

Happy Thursday!

Qtpies7 said...

OH, I love going through baby names! Some of our favorite names we haven't used yet are:
River Faith
Larkin Isobel

for Boys:
Dorn Andrew

We have used:
AnDrew (ON Drew) Jaimes
Kaytlin Ivy
Devon Scott
Cody Phillip Allen
Hope-Anne Nicole
Trinity Renee
Samuel Isaac

I love this game!

byoc said...

I'm done with all that naming stuff, but qtpies7 is my dd, and I see she's got a list to get through!

Call Me Betty said...

Hi, thanks for visiting me at Alphabet Soup Memes. You'd asked who was in the TV series Combat. It aired from 1962 to 1967 and starred Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. The series was about soldiers in WWII. My favorite was Vic Morrow who played Sgt. Chip Saunders. Vic Morrow was tragically and weirdly killed by a helicopter while filming The Twilight Zone (shudder)

I like your list of names. We have a family name, Cassandra, that I think is unique and pretty. The downside to such a pretty name is that Cassandra is the seer doomed not to be believed in the fall of Troy.

Will visit your blogs again! :)

Pen said...

My name is Penny not Penelope just plain Penny! Oh how I wish it were Penelope! Penny Sue is just such a boring!

The Rock Chick said...

This is funny because my mom's name is Penelope and my daughter's name is Samantha. I thought I was being so unique with Samantha and then right after she was born...BAM!....a boom of Samanthas. My mom is still waiting for the Penelope "boom" :)

Jessica The Rock Chick