Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday's Feast

Tell about a time when you had to be brave.

*I've had to be brave a few times. So lets see... oh, ok. In 2003 I was diagnosed with chiari malformation with a herniation of 12mm and hydrocephalus. Chiari malformation is a brain disorder. Basically it's a disorder which causes the brain to herniate down into the spinal canal. My herniation is 12mm. Hydrocephalus is a cerebrospinal fluid build up in the brain. This explained why I had been suffering with debilitating headaches all my life. I had to have two separate brain surgeries. The first one was to install a shunt, to help drain the cerebrospinal fluid. The second one was a decompression with duraplasty and a laminectomy of C1. Which means, they had to create a little more room to alleviate my brain. Their is no cure for chiari. This surgery is a last resort. Only done when there is a threat of symptoms getting worse. Having any kind of surgery is dangerous... specially when they put you under. I had a peace about both surgeries. I knew that a God was in control and whatever happened it was for the best. I hope that in the eyes of my five precious children I was a brave mom.

Which upcoming movie are you excited about seeing?

* Ah... that would have to be... Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Name an item you try to always have on hand.

* A card. You never know when you have to send someone an uplifting note. Oh, and coke. I'm a coke addict. Coca cola that is. :o)

Main Course
Imagine the most relaxing room you can think of. Now describe it!

* That would have to be my family room. It's the hub of our home. Our navy blue, soft, leather sectional couch sits 10. The two seats in the end recline. The couch is up against our 8 foot wide and 5 1/2 foot tall window. The window looks over our pool and 4 out of 5 of our acres. There is a door to the right of the window that opens up to the pool patio. We have a counter that separates our family room from the kitchen. The counter is filled with picture frames, which contain pictures of my family. The wall to the left of the window has a bookcase filled with movies we've collected through the years. On top of that bookcase, we have trophies our children have won. Up against the wall to the left of that is our pine wood, entertainment center. Which holds out tv, dvd and cd player. To the right of the center is where we store some of our cd's. To the left is where we store some more movies. On top of the entertainment center we have some more picture frames with pictures of my children and some more trophies. The wall to the left of the center has some more picture frames. One of the picture frames is a collage of pictures my children put together for me for Mother's Day last year. It's one of my favorites. The pictures are all in black in white. Across our blue couch we have a solid oak wood couch with clue cushions that were upholstered by Daughter of the King. It seats three people. On our couch you can always find a soft blanket or a throw. In front of our entertainment center I have a couple of baskets. Some hold my boy's school work. On holds 10 scrapbooking albums. Another basket holds some more cd's. The ceiling in our family room is high vault. We have a long white fan. When you look up you can see a wooden rail and the hallway upstairs. You can also see pictures hanging on the wall. They are drawings that we made by Still Waters. One picture frame has magazine that some pictures of Soaring Amongst The Cloud was featured in when she use to play soccer. The family room is my favorite room. It's were we all hang out.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how spiritual or religious are you?

* Mmmm... I really don't consider myself as being spiritual or religious. I do have a personal relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. On a scale of 1-10, how much I love Him, I would say 10. Do I always show it... no. But I strive to show Him every day.

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tegdirb92 said...

You sound like a very thoughtful person always having a card on hand :) Great feast.

Lori said...

Great feast. Have a nice weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, (((hugs))) to you! Yes! You were very brave! Cards and Coke! Yes! You nailed it! LOL!!

Great Feast!

Christine said...

Wow! You must have been very brave for that kind of surgery, I would have been scared to death.
Great Feast, we both served the same soup.

Your TT was the most beautiful I'd seen yesterday.
Have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day!

Gina said...

Lovely and very filling Feast Lady G! You are truly a brave woman and a real winner! That's one fine example of bravery that your family and children will be very proud of. Coke addict..! Me too,in a way! ;)

Looks like a real haven for the family!

No FF for me today

Dawn said...

Oh I love your salad! I have to keep that in mind!

Mine is up :)

Amy said...

I would have to agree with your dessert. I didn't like the question. Probably asked by a non-Christian. :)