Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17

In honor of Mother's Day, my list will be about what I've learned from the two most important women who raised me, my mom and my abuela. Now there are many things that I've learned from them, but since this is a Thursday Thirteen list, I have to limit my list.

* I remember my mom taking me and my sister up to the front window of our home. She would have us looking out the window right around the time my dad was expected to be home. When we spotted him, she would say (in Spanish), " Look who's walking up the side walk! IT'S the BEST DADDY in the WHOLE WORLD!" - I learned that a wife has the power to build up or tear down her husband... I learned to edify my husband.

* My abuela didn't learn to drive till she was a grandma. - I learned that you are never too old to try something new.

* While I was growing up, my abuela had two jobs. She worked as a housekeeper/nanny and she worked at the hospital as a unit secretary. She never complained. - I learned there is good that comes out of having good work ethics.

* My mom always had dinner ready when my dad got home from work. We always ate together. - I learned that having a routine is good for a family.

* My mom always enjoyed (and still enjoys) watching, I Love Lucy. Probably cause she was free spirited and spontaneous like Lucy. I remember many last minute, "let's go to the...." trips. -I learned that spontaneity brings balance.

* My mom had (has) a temper. At times she would punish me out of anger. -I learned that punishing out of anger is wrong.

* My mom was always telling my brother (in Spanish), that he should treat ladies like the petal of a rose. -I learned that we (men and women) matter... we are worthy.

* I am 43 years old. In my lifetime, I don't ever recall ever seeing a blemish on my mom's face. She rarely used make up. If she did, it was a little rouge on her cheeks and lips. -I learned that their is nothing like natural beauty. God fashioned us after His own image... why mess with it?!

* Abuela was a very kind, loving and giving lady. Even when she was treated unkind, she abided by the Golden Rule: do to others as you would have them do to you. There was a person that was interested in a family member. In the beginning this person treated her kindly. Once the person married into our family, this person wanted nothing to do with Abuela. This person wouldn't even acknowledge her. It hurt to see this, but she was still kind, loving and giving of her love and time. -I learned that love can overcome any obstacle.

* Abuela always wore soft, cotton batas. That's Spanish for house dresses. LOL! Her dresses were always made out of pretty, small flower prints. She didn't wear bright colors. They were always soft pastels. -I learned that it doesn't matter what's "in" , if you like it wear it. Oh, guess what's my favorite style dress... soft, cotton country dresses. I have over 12 of them hanging in my closet. :o)

* When my mom met my Knight. She said, that's the one you should marry. -I learned that parents do know best. Who else would have your best interest at heart?

* My mom and abuela always had a rocky relationship. They were (are) both strong willed, independent women, with big hearts. It was always best if things went their way for all those around. LOL! -I learned that I can't always have it my way. That it's not all about me.

* My mom doesn't tell me that she loves me. Words don't come easy to her. She does show me, in her own way, that she loves me. She'll call and tell me to be careful in the parking lots. That I should do my errands during the day. To be careful when it rains. Not to go out when it's too late, that the roads are too dark. She'll read articles to me over the phone. Tells me about radio segment she heard, regarding a health issue. When I had my two brain surgeries, she came to help take care of me. It's her way of saying, I love you. -I learned that actions speak louder than words, but it's good to hear the words too.

I love my mom. I love my abuela. They helped to shape me into the woman I am today. I owe them so much. I know that girls sometimes wince at the thought of being like their mom. There are things about my mom, that makes me think, "I don't want to be like my mom." BUT when I think back, there are many things about my mom, that I'm proud to think, "I'm just like my mom!"

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Robin said...

A beautiful tribute. And they've obviously done a very good job with you as well.

Happy mother's day my friend.

Rashenbo said...

Ah, that's so nice. It sounds like you have a strong family foundation and that you have received (and followed) some great life lessons! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Cindy said...

Wonderful TT! Our moms and grandmas really leave a legacy in our lives, don't they? Thanks for visiting my TT!

JAM said...

Wonderful tribute to the women in your life. You're blessed.

My parents were great people too, and I learned so much from them.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Our Mommakitty taught us that napping is a legitimate hobby!

Starrlight said...

Lovely list =)

Amy said...

What a lovely way to honor your mom and abuela. I liked your mom from your first point, lovely!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

What a lovely accolade you've given your mother and abuela. I hope they can read it so they can see how much you admire them. My TT is about my mom too. Happy Thursday!

The Rock Chick said...

This is a beautiful post to both your mom and your abuela. I was lucky enough, too, to have my mom and my grandmother have a very strong influence on my when I was younger.

Yes, sometimes I remember thinking that I was going to go out of my way so I wouldn't be anything like them. Now, I'm just like them and I'm so glad :)

You have the best attitude towards family and love! I don't always comment, but I really enjoy your blog. You always give me something to think about.

Happy TT and most of all, Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

The GateKeeper said...

I like how you took great care to write this list. It's just beautiful. From now on I will tell my son to treat a Lady like the petal of a rose. And I too have come to know that parents do know best. Happy mother's day, Lady G.

Rodrigo said...
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Babystepper said...

What a lovely TT. It's amazing how many of the things our mothers taught us that we don't realize until we're much older.

Just for the record, there are those of us who would love to have a naturally blemish-free face, but genetics don't allow for it. It's not all a matter of choice. =)

Christine said...

That is so beautiful. I enjoyed reading and learning why I like to be spontaneous, it really does bring balance. What beautiful "Life's Lessons" your Mom and Abuela taught you.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute. I'm giving you a standing ovation too with tears.
Happy Mother's day to you.