Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18

I'm blessed to have five children. My dream was to have a dozen. Ok, you can pick up you jaw from the floor or wipe your computer screen from what you just spewed on it. I've always wanted to have a large family. I was always thinking of what I would name them. I even bought a book of baby names when I was in 10th grade!

In my family blog, A Glance Into My World, I wrote an entry about how fascinated I am with names. I shared about what our names means and the story of how we came to be named. If you are interested in names you can go to Baby Names World and search for names.

On my TT #16 list, I wrote a list of girl names I liked. To be fair, I thought I'd share some boy names I've always liked.

* Joseph

* Daniel

* Giovanni

* Andre

* Andrew

* Manuel

* Alejandro (Alexander)

* Demetri (Demetrio)

* Caleb

* Michael (Michaelangelo)

* Anjelo

* Paolo (Gianpaolo)

* Giancarlo

I know, what can I say, I have something for Italian names. :o) Do you have a favorite male name? Care to share it? Is there a reason why you like it?

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Gail Martin said...

Great list! I had a girl and was glad because we really could not think of a good boys name. We decided on either Keith or Kevin. The name sounds strong. It is a common name without being too over used.

amy said...

hubby over at did this this week

great list

Pen said...

I LOVE names and reading about their meanings!

My favorite boys names are Robert (DH's name), Matthew, and Nicholas. Other than Matthew, I can't think of a reason I like those names. I just always have. When I was in my early 20s, I babysat for this family. They had two children. A boy & a girl. The girl was a little brat -- OK a big brat, but her little brother was the cutest, sweetest little boy. His name was Matthew! I liked the name before then, but now I hear it and think of him. That made me like it even more.

I did a list of names as my TT topic a while back as well.

Happy TTing!

dawnae said...

I have always loved Samuel, Benjamin, Ian. I do have to say that girl names are my favorite. If I have another baby...which I probably won't, I think I want her name to be Bonnie.

The GateKeeper said...

Oh, I love Caleb. He's one of my characters in my novel . . . unpublished still, but we shall see what the Lord wants to do with it. Have a great weekend, Lady G.

Gail said...

I love this list! I've always been fascinated with the meaning of names, too. I checked baby name books out of the library as a teenager, but I was always afraid someone would think I was pregnant!

My favorite boy's name is probably Jesse. I think it comes from a fascination with Jesse James (the historical one :-).

Qtpies7 said...

I like Trygve, trig vee. And my husband likes Thor. We're Norwegian!
I wanted Lark and he wanted Larkin for a girl, so we actually are close enough to agreement that we'll use that for the next girl, most likely. And I didn't bat an eyelash at wanting 12 kids! Go for it! (I'm working on #8)

Lesley said...

Oh I love Paulo! Caleb is great too!

Happy TT!

Christine said...

Great list of names! I love Italian too. Sounds so romantic.
I love my son's name Joshua, fits him to a T. He's fun loving, and very outgoing. Another favorite of mine is Keith, as in Keith Urban.

Hope you've had a great Thursday!

Gina said...

You do have a thing for Italian names ;) !
I have a veryyyy favorite girl name - Isabella. For a boy- hmmm Miguel sounds really manly.

Lady G~ said...

Gail- Keith and Kevin are good strong names. You're right, they aren't too over used.

Amy- I visited your hubby's blog. I liked what he had to say. I also liked your list of names. :o)

Pen- I'm partial to my Knight's name too. ;o)

Dawnae- My nephew's name is Ian. :o) I also like Samuel and Benjamin.

Gatekeeper- Caleb is a good strong name. Biblically, Caleb was one of the men that went with Joshua to scout the promised land.

Gail- it never occurred to me that someone might of thought I was pregnant when I checked out the baby book in high school!

Qtpies7- I like Norwegian names too. The husband of a good friend of mine is named Theron. Another friend of mine has a son who's wife's name is Larkin.

Lesley- Glad you liked those. :o)

Christine- Joshua is a good strong name. When my Knight and I use to live on base in Ft. Polk our neighbors had two little boys. They were Joshua and Jonathan. The mom was Korean. She was sooooo cute. We would always here her calling and hollering at the boys. I loved how her accent when she would say their names.

Gina- Isabella is on my female name list. :o) I agree with you, Miguel is a very manly sounding name.

Mitchypoo said...

I like the first name's very Irish, of which I am not, but I like it anyway. Happy TT! Great list.

Kathy said...

I also like the names Joseph & Daniel, but I'm partial to the name Jesse. It has a nice strong connotation. Kinda like Jesse James! [maybe that's not so good]
Thanks for visiting my site!