Sunday, April 1, 2007

Not My Will But His

Since he was a young Squire, my Knight had always dreamed of being a pilot. Flying planes was all he ever thought of. Well, that and girls. LOL! Come on he was a boy after all. :o)

Our school was pretty big. It offered lots of different types of classes that other schools didn't offer. One of the classes was an aviation class. He got his private pilot license while in high school. He had a goal. He wanted to go to Annapolis. He wanted to serve his country and fly jets. That was his dream. Annapolis accepted him. He was well on his way. Until a a more extensive eye exam showed he was color deficient. He is not color blind, that's a different problem. His deficiency was not bad enough to prevent him from getting his private pilots license. But bad enough not to be able to fly commercial or for the military. His dreams were chattered.

God had other plans for him. Something beyond his wildest dreams. You see had he gone on to Annapolis, he would of had to be in the a academy for 4 years. While in the academy, the cadets can not be married. Once you graduate from the academy you are an officer. You have to serve a minimum of 6 years in active duty. Oh, after you graduate, they can get married.

He decided to join the Army. While in basic training my Knight and I started courting... via letters. Back in 1981, email wasn't around and neither were cell phones. Ooops, I almost started to chase the rabbit again. Sorry about that. Let me get back on track.

Had he gone away to Annapolis, we wouldn't have been able to get married in the summer of 1982. There are many questions I wonder about. Would we have set up our first home in Ft. Polk, Louisiana? Would we have met Don, who impacted our lives that can only be described as, "seeing Christ light shine through him"? He walked the walk and talked the talk. Would we have been able to live in Germany? Would we have traveled all around Europe? Would we have made the life long friends we made? Would we have settled in this Sunny place? Would my Knight have become a software engineer? Would we have been blessed with our five precious children? Would he be working for the wonderful company he works for? Would he love his job like he loves his job now? Would we be living in the country? Would we have accepted Christ into our lives when we did? So many "would we have...".

My Knight is not one to dwell on "what if" or " why". He's all about choosing to move on... to persevere. I love his attitude. His "can do" way of being. His "you can do it" way of thinking.

Today we spent the day at the MacDill Air Force Base Airfest 2007. Our main goal was to see the Blue Angels. We got to see way more than the Blue Angels. They had all types of different kind of airplanes, helicopters and machinery. Not only were they there for us to see, but we could go "in" them. We got to talk to different soldiers regarding the different things we saw. It was an eventful day. We all had a "beyond" wonderful time. The maneuvers we saw the pilots do with their airplanes will forever be embedded in our minds. We even got to see paratroopers. They all put on a spectacular show.

I was in awe by everything I saw. Most of all, I was in awe of my Knight. I had thought that maybe going to see the show would make him think of what could of been. I was wrong. He loved every minute of it. He loved being there with his children and his Lady. Showing us all, all the different planes and telling us all about them. He's so wise and knowledgeable. I couldn't help but look and admire him. He was watching others live out their dreams. While he is living the dream, he never dreamed possible... following God's will for his life.

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