Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #20

This coming Sunday we'll be celebrating Father's Day. I'm blessed to say the my dad is still here with me. My dad was always my hero. I looked up to him. He set an awesome example for me as to what a man is and should be. Whoever I married had big shoes to fill.

Today I'll share 13 thoughts about my dad...

* He loves unconditionally. He has been wronged by many and still he does not wish them ill.

* He gives and gives... and expects nothing in return.

* He's habitually late for EVERYTHING! For as long as I can remember, he has NEVER been on time for ANYTHING. Through the years, when he's invited, people tell him a much earlier time, so he will be there at a decent time.

* He's old fashioned. He'll stand up and give his seat to a lady. He opens the door for the ladies.

* Only buys "American Made" things. I've often heard him say, "We have to buy American and support our country. "

* He's a patriot. He served in the American Army. He loves and supports our country. He's thankful to have the freedom he has.

* To him family, ALWAYS comes first.

* He's a gentleman.

* He's got great work ethics, good values, good morals and high standards. While growing up, I remember at one time he had two jobs, so that my mom could stay home and take care of us. I was not allowed to date as a teenager. He believed in courtship.

* He's not a "pretender". What you see is what you get.

* He's funny and makes those around him feel at ease.

* He's wise. He's always given me great advise.

* He charming. My dad is 71 years old. My mom and dad are still married. He's not one to call attention to himself, but he still attracts attention. Once when they were visiting us, we went out to eat. A lady at the salad bar invited him to do dancing. Me and my sister were right there standing next to him. This happens to him all the time. LOL!

I love my dad. I wanted to marry someone just like him. I have to honestly say that my Knight is and is not like my dad. I'm so blessed that God has given me two wonderful men to love. I think that's the reason it was so easy for me to relate with our Heavenly Father. I have such a wonderful earthly father.

Happy Father's Day Papi... I love you! XOxoXO

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Gail Martin said...

Your dad sounds like a wonderful person. I really must bookmark you because you are such a positive lady yourself. This must have come in part from being brought up by two very loving parents.

Happy TT!

Cindy Swanson said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful dad, Lady G! I also blogged about my dad in my TT today. He passed away in 2004, and I miss him greatly.

Robin said...

Happy Father's Day to a great dad, who did a great job at being a dad, too.

PS I saw that you tagged me for a meme while I was away. I haven't forgotten about it and should be putting it up soon.

The Gatekeeper said...

Ah another great list, My Lady. Yeah, I love my daddy too. He's a pastor and I have to tell you he's NEVER late for anything. It's kind of funny, really. He leaves for church at 6:00am. Church starts at 10:00am. He gets to the airport at least 4 hours before his flight leaves. In any case, my dad is a little rough around the edges but he too led me to love the Lord. Have a great weekend Lady G. I hope to find my knight soon.

JAM said...

Wonderful thoughts about your Dad. I loved mine and am still blessed to be his son even though he passed away years ago. What a good father will teach you will last your whole life.

Anonymous said...

Hey chickie! I am finally back from all my travelling. I need to spend a little time here reading, and then catching up on my other blog reading, which is going to include checking out your family site. Thank you so much for the invitation! Wanted to let you know I am back!