Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Do Believe In Soul Mates

I read an article the other day named, Marrying Your 'Soul Mate': Does Such a Person Exist? It left me wondering. Does one "really" have a soul mate?

Ok, if you go and read this article, you might think, "Hey this doesn't apply to me, it's written about and for divorced people." Au contrair il mio caro, I think we would all benefit from reading this article.

The Ladies of the HAUS are women whose opinions I truly value. You see, they are from all walks of life. They are godly women, who hold nothing back. They speak the truth and are tactful, gentle, graceful and are not judgmental. They are wise beyond their years. They are my sisters in Christ. Oh, and I have never met them face to face. BUT I look forward to meeting them all at our Father's Home. :o) You Ladies ROCK!

I asked the Ladies of the HAUS , "Do you believe that there was only one person you were meant to marry? They all believed, that yes, there was only one person they were meant to marry. They all thought the same but expressed themselves in different ways. Below is the response I liked .

"I believe at any juncture along your life journey God can put a "soul mate" in your path, someone who fits you perfectly. I believe if you lose your soul mate (by whatever means) God can lead you to another, suited perfectly for you.
~Lady Blue

I think I liked it best because it's exactly what I thought and felt, but I could not put into words. I know, that I know, that I was meant to marry my Knight. He is my soul mate. God brought us together. Whom God has brought together, let no man put asunder... Amen

So now I wonder... Do YOU believe that there is only one person you are/were meant to marry?


Hulai said...

if we were meant to marry that specific ONE person, my mom and dad would have never met and my mom and step dad would have been it all along. Then my life would not be the beautiful mess that it is today! Im not sure if I believe in soul mates, but if I did, I dont think it would necessarily be the person that I marry. I have two of the best friends in the world that I believe are my "soul mates" or the closest thing to it that I will ever come. They know me better than i know me and the same for them, i know them better than they do. But I dont think I would ever want to marry either! Well ones a girl and I dont do that! But the other is a guy and I wouldnt trade him for the world, but there is absolutely no attraction and really never has been. But i do have a wonderful man that drives me insane and keeps me happy, even when im mad! Maybe hes the one, or I hope he is.....

The Gatekeeper said...

I totally believe that the Lord created one man for one woman. Otherwise he would have made a few people and placed them in the garden. But he made Eve for Adam and they fit perfectly into each other's lives and so forth.

We've made a fine mess of things though. And every day I see the affects of divorce and why God hates it. Unfortunately, my X wants nothing to do with marriage--not to anyone. But our God is a God of second chances and he lets me emerge in his river of mercy and grace. Believe you me I have literally drowned in this river to stay alive.

I'll wait for his best again. And hopefully this time, I'll learn to do it God's way.

You are good for my soul, my friend. I have learned many things from you.

The Rock Chick said...

I believe there is only one person for me, yes, and I have him. I think this is probably true of everyone, but maybe people are just not marrying that right person the first time.....


Lady G~ said...

Hulai- He is, oh so sweet.

Gail- I just melt away when I look into those baby blues. :o)

Lady Gatekeeper- School is keeping us very busy. LOL! But I'm not crackin' the whip.