Sunday, July 22, 2007

Simply Romantic... Tips

I'm always looking for ways to show my Knight that I love him. I'm not very creative, I'm a "creative wanna-be". I enjoy reading, so I'll read articles, blogs, and subscribe to different sites that send out devotions, stories and tips.

Family Life website has LOTS to offer. I subscribe to most of the subscriptions they have. One of my favorites is Simply Romantic- Tips For Her. Once a week I receive an email with a "tip" on romance. There have been times that I've added a little twist or perked up the tip. Some of the tips are not "romantic" but are loving, helpful tips. I thought I'd share a couple of the "tips" I've gotten from Family Life. After the Family Life tips, I'll share some of my(and his) favorite loving gestures, that I've done for my Knight.

* Present him a "Journal of My Love for You" – a journal that you will fill with dated love letters written to your husband over a period of time.

* Get a picture of you and your husband (and kids if you'd like) and create a special card for him. Include a Scripture that you feel describes him. (For example, Acts 11:24: "For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Spirit and of faith.")

* Be a student of your spouse. Know his likes and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses, and his fears.

* For a significant anniversary--buy him a gold watch. Engrave it with a romantic phrase like “I’ll always have time for you.”

* Think of a couple of things that your honey does for you and the family (he is a good provider, he can fix things, etc.) and let him know how much you appreciate him.

* Men view romance differently from women. Ask your husband to describe what’s romantic to him. Don’t be surprised when his ideas sound very different from yours.

* Wash and vacuum his car. To top it all off--top off his gas tank too.

* The next time you're out to dinner, casually take out a pen and write a note to him on a paper napkin--letting him know what he can look forward to at home. Fold it and slide it across the table.

~ My Knight enjoys reading. Once when he had to go away on a trip, I made a special bookmark for him. I typed up the scripture: Ephesians 6:10-18, The Armor of God. I wrote a brief note: My Dearest Knight, This is my prayer for us while we are apart. Forever yours... Your Lady G~
I printed it out on old English paper and the script was Old English Style. I had the bookmark laminated. After 10 years, he still has this bookmark and still uses it.

~ My Knight sometimes has to travel, either because of work or due to little league umpiring. When he travels, I pack a two sided picture frame that I made for him. On one side there is a picture of him and I. On the other side there is a picture of our five children. That way he has us with him where ever he goes.

~ I leave "love notes" in unexpected places: on his palm pilot, in his brief drawer, inside a pant pocket, in his wallet, on the doorknob (he the first to leave home every day), in his sock drawer etc.

~ I write love messages on the bathroom mirror with my lipstick.

~ I write notes and cards and mail them to his office. He never knows when he's getting one. I have even sent him those HUGE cards. Oh, now Hallmark Cards have cards with sounds. I love sending him those. The problem is now he knows what the envelope looks like, so I have to be creative on how to send them. :o)

~ We take out the trash, so he doesn't have to.

~ We keep the pool chemicals balanced and the pool clean, so he doesn't have to.

~ We try to keep our acres plowed, so he doesn't have to.

~ He loves dark chocolate, so I'll buy him a bag for home and one for work.

~ I make sure he laundry is always done. So he can wear his favorite clothing items.

~ I ask him, "What can I do to help you our?"

~ I massage cream on his hands.

~ I massage his aching back.

~ I send him love notes to his home and office email address.

~ I tell him and show him I love him EVERY day... throughout the day.

I love my Knight. I could go on and on, but I'm being summoned. It's time for dessert.


The Gatekeeper said...

Okay, by desert, do you mean ... desert? You know, I was always told that guys didn't like this stuff. Looks like you're proving them wrong. Wish I had done it. I did in the beginning. Ah, the lessons we learn. Have a great week, my friend.

The Gatekeeper said...

Greetings again, my Lady. Interested in G.P. Taylor's new book. It hasn't even been published yet. He emailed me and asked if I would ask a few bloggers to read and review his new novel, "Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box." The BBC is all over this. It's gonna get crazy! Check out my blog, leave a comment or email me. Have a great day.

The Gatekeeper said...

You're so crazy cute! Here's my email

We shall talk about getting you a copy.

The Gatekeeper said...

Well, dear Lady G. how are you this fine Sunday evening? Pray for my daughter and I as we do a whole week of VBS. This takes us away from home for a week and depending on church members to let us stay in their homes. Oy!

Oh, and this is to tell you that you are the recipient of the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Hehehehe.

Lady G~ said...

Lady Gatekeeper-
Crazy cute?! I like that. :o) I went to your site and commented. You and your beloved family are in my prayers. I know how wonderfully exciting VBS can be. BUT I also know how tiring it can be. :o) BUT think of how the HEAVENS will be celebrating knowing that the TRUTH is being taught. \o/