Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

Love is a verb...

Ok, I know that we are not in February anymore , but we are only one day into March. So, I decided, why not share one last love list. Cause love is something we need to show all the time.

Love is a verb. We can't say it enough. Love must not only be spoken, but must also be shown.
My list of thirteen will consist of ways I show my Knight I love him...

* I pray for him. EVERY day, I pray for him. Praying doesn't just mean that I sit down and just pray. I pray for him throughout my day. The thought of my Knight comes to mind and I say a little prayer for him. When I start off my day, I do pray that the Lord bless him with wisdom, knowledge and good health. That He help my Knight to be the godly man He (God) wants him to be. I pray other things for him too, but this is at the top of my list for him.

* I keep our castle a home. Our home is packed with love. When he walks in through the door, he is greeted with hugs and kisses. This is no lie. Not just mine, but our children. I'm sad to say that no matter how hard I try, I can never beat our Nicodemus to the door. His K-9 ears are better than mine.

* Wind-down time. When my Knight gets home from work, he is tired. Not just physically, but mentally. He's a software engineer. He is always solving problems. After hugs and kisses, we give him space to chill out. We don't attack him with what's going on with us. There's is plenty of time for that, unless it's an emergency of course. :o)

* Clothes are laundered and ready. He has never run out of clean clothes to wear. Being that we are a family of seven. Laundry is done EVERY day. Not only is it washed and dried, it is folded and put away. I can't take the credit for this, all our children help.

* Keeping him healthy. I'm sorry to say that I'm a junk food junkie. But I want my Knight around for a LONG time. His dad and all his uncles died of coronary disease. We take care to cook and have food that is good for him. Well, for my children too. :o)

* Get his things ready. He is a very involved dad. Our boys play baseball and our girls play softball. He helps coach our oldest son's Junior baseball team and our youngest son's Major baseball team. Oh, on top of that, he is the Little League president. I make sure that when he heads out the door, he's got ice water, snacks and whatever else he needs. It's not that he's not capable of getting his own stuff. It's just that I desire to help him.

* Keep in budget. We are a one income, homeschooling family of seven. Staying within the budget is hard for me. I know how hard my Knight works to provide for us. The least I can do is not give him added pressures. So I "try" very hard to be a good steward. I do fall short. I'm not perfect, nobody is. My Knight realizes this. :o)

* Good steward. I'm always on the look out for a good buy. Something that is cheap doesn't mean it's a good buy. You get what you pay for. He never shops for himself. I get the pleasure of shopping for him. I know his taste and he trusts me. I'm so blessed.

* Read. I read books that give me ideas of how to be a better wife and mom. I just finished reading two books: The Fruit Of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson.
and The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. Oh, I've read The Excellent Wife before, but it was years ago. Right now I'm reading, Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Of course the best book I've EVER read about being a better wife and mom is the Bible.

10* Calls, emails and letters. Little League keeps him pretty busy. He keeps me up to date on all that is going on. Which means, I'm able to help with the phone calls he gets. That allows him not to be tied down to the phone as much. The callers are happy to have been helped. I often call him just so I can hear his voice. I tell him I love him and that I was thinking about him. I send him emails that only he and I would know what we are talking about. I send him cards of ALL sizes. I write messages on paper and hide them in his pockets, wallet or palm pilot. I write messages on our bathroom mirror. He never knows when he's getting one.

* Trash day. Yes, everyone hates trash day. But I have to honestly tell you that I love it. It give me a chance to do something for my Knight. I don't know why, but men are usually the ones that end up taking the trash out. He is so thankful when he gets home and sees that he doesn't have to do that, cause we have already done it. It's one less thing for him to do.

* Balance. He is the logical, straight and narrow one. I am the free spirited, fun loving, predictably unpredictable one. Well, that's what I'm told. God saw fit to bring us together. We bring balance to each other's lives.

* Want & need. Everyone wants to be wanted and needed. I make sure my Knight knows that I WANT and NEED him. I mean this in every sense of the words. Not a day goes by that I don't tell or show him that I love him. Why do I do all this? Because I love him.

What do you do for the one you love?

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amy said...

What a wonderful list..Truly beautiful! I cant wait to visit again!

Christie said...

that's such a wonderful, loving list!! you are a wonderful wife!! i try to do many of those myself! but i always try to make sure he knows how much i love him, and we never leave each other, on the phone or in person, without saying it. happy tt!

Marcia said...

A list everyone should read, seriously. So, glad you came by my site so I didn't miss it. There is something so special about actively loving someone.

Skittles said...

What a lovley TT! You are very sweet. Thanks for visiting my TT and commenting.

Tink said...

February or not, I love love-lists! I'm supporting my hubby all the way, now that he is home with a burn-out. He has always been there for me and now it's my turn. We love each other so much...
My TT shows a lot of pics of my two kittens growing up.

Mitchypoo said...

I love your list! You are the kind of wife I hoped to be. And you started with my favorite saying...Love is a verb!

Robin said...

What a wonderful list, and a wonderful reminder about what is truly important.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Gette said...

Everyone should learn to focus on someone other than themselves. It only comes back in spades!

mistihollrah said...

What a wonderful list. I think I'm going adopt some of these!

Thanks for sharing & visiting my site!


Qtpies7 said...

Thats sweet!

Crystal said...

Aww, so sweet. Your love for your Knight is so evident and that is a breath of fresh air in today's world. It sounds like you aspire to be the Proverbs 31 Woman! :)

Very lovely list, thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great list. Can't wait to visit again. I will have a 100 things about me up tomorrow hopefully. *fingers crossed*

greenshady said...

I'll have to admit, as a guy who grew up with mostly girls, that when we come home and the trash is taken out it is a relief. I imagine your husband has to appreciate that.

By the way, everything's okay up here in Auburn. The weather got bad for a while, but we managed all right.

kat said...

thanks for stopping by ;)
Yes, I agree with it. It's just a sudden change of environment got me off my balance for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'm right on track again!

That's a lovely list. I agree with expressing how you love your family everyday :)
Happy TT

Terrific Teens said...

Wow! What a great list on how to appreciate and love your hubby! Thanks for the book recommendations!