Tuesday, February 27, 2007

100 Things About Me...

I've seen many "99 things about me" our there. I don't like odd numbers. So I thought well, I'll do an even 100. Hope I don't bore you.

1~ I'm a child of God.

2~ My childhood dream was to get married by 18 and have many children.

3~ I got married one week before I turned 19.

4~ I'm blessed with 5 wonderful children.

5~ I homeschool my children. Well, two graduated last summer, so I now homeschool three of them.

6~ I married a man that surpassed my "dreams".

7~ Happily married.

8~ I'll be celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss this summer.

9~ My Knight and my children are my passion.

10~ I was an Army child. I don't like the term "brat".

11~ I was an Army wife.

12~ I love to travel.

13~ I've been blessed to have traveled to: Florida, Louisiana,Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, All over Germany, Italy, Paris, Austria, Luxembourg & Spain.

14~ My favorite foreign country to visit was Italy and Austria.

15~ I learned to speak enough German to get me into trouble. Well, shopping trouble that is. LOL!

16~ I speak Spanish.

17~ I am Cuban, Panamanian & Spanish blooded.

18~ Italian and Cuban food are my favorites.

19~Hopeful romantic

20~ Pink and blue are my favorite colors.

21~ I'm a Coke-aholic. By that I mean Coca-Cola. :o)

22~ I usually skip breakfast and lunch.

23~ I LOVE junk food.

24~ Favorite candy bars are butterfingers, mounds and joy.

25~ My favorite fruits are strawberries and mangoes.

26~ My favorite number is 26.

27~ Favorite cookies are: Soaring Amongst The Clouds' Oatmeal raisin cookies and Daughter of the King's Chocolate Chip cookies.

28~ I like apple pie & key lime pie the best.

29~ Cheesecake and chocolate cake are my favorite cakes.

30~ I own 12 pairs of overalls and yes, I do wear them.

31~ I love my crocs.

32~ I spend most of my day in my pj's.

33~ I have pretty pj's. :o)

34~ I don't get dressed until I know I'm going out.

35~ I mostly wear jeans and t-shirts.

36~ My favorite t-shirts are the Life is good ones. Turns out someone is making MILLIONS on my motto. Good for them.

37~ When it comes to music I'm eclectic. I love everything from classical, hip hop, blues, jazz, country... you get the point.

38~ I don't listen to music with curse words.

39~ I'm always cold.

40~ I don't wear make-up.

41~ Hated my curly hair up until I was 30. Now, I'm thankful for my curly hair. Much easier to take care of.

42~ I love quilts and fleece blankets.

43~ Love to read.

44~ I really do read my bible.

45~ Enjoy meeting people.

46~ At times, I'm quiet and tend to be a hermit.

47~ Ran track in high school. Didn't have stamina, but I had speed. I was a short distance runner.

48~ Love to snow ski.

49~ Tore my knee up while playing softball. But played for three weeks before I saw a doc.

50~ Enjoyed playing all types of different sports. Until...

51~ I've had two brain surgeries. I can no longer play sports. :o(

52~ Love to take pictures.

53~ Enjoy scrapbooking.

54~ Love to journal.

55~ I'm hooked on Sudoku.

56~ Recently started to use reading glasses.

57~ I love words.

58~ I love to buy pretty paper. Not just stationeries, but wrapping paper and tissue papers too.

59~ I collect pins, baskets, materials, board games (specially Monopoly games), playing cards and things with our American flag on it.

60~ I enjoy watching tv.

61~ I "own" the remote. :o)

62~ Love action movies.

63~ I don't watch horror flicks.

64~ Love romantic movies.

65~ I might see a comedy, it all depends on who's in it.

66~ I'm computer naive. But my Knight is computer wiz, so he helps me navigate along.

67~ My motto is, "Life is good". I say it all the time.

68~ My favorite word right now is... PHENOMENAL!

69~ I love to get quotes from movies, songs or poems and use them.

70~ I collect backpacks and bags. Guess you could call me a "bag lady".

71~ My favorite purses are Vera Bradley's . They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. I usually purchase them on ebay.

72~ I love looking at sunsets. Not sunrises, I'm not up that early.

73~ I LOVE my full motion waterbed.

74~ I sleep with three pillows. One on my head, one under my knees and a little one on my left side.

75~ I enjoy giving hugs.

76~ I love flowers... all kinds.

77~ If I see a pretty pen, I buy it.

78~ If I see something that I think someone I know would like, I buy it.

79~ I buy gifts ahead of time.

80~ I have a stash box for "just in case" gift giving.

81~ I'm compulsive about keeping my whites, white. I don't mind if it gets dirty, but I make sure when it comes out of the washer it's white again. I oxyclean and scrub till it's white.

82~ I took 5 years of piano lessons and can't remember one song.

83~ I love to have fun.

84~ Love to laugh.

85~ I love to spend time with my family.

86~ I also enjoy spending time alone.

87~ I met my ain true love when I was in first grade.

88~ I'm 5' tall.

89~ My Knight tells me I have almond shaped brown eyes. I love the way he says that.

90~ I don't take showers... I take baths. (hee hee hee) got ya...

91~ I'm not superstitious. Even though I was raised with those beliefs.

92~ I enjoy complimenting people. I love to see their faces light up.

93~ I'm a Sunday School teacher. Well, I don't really teach, I help. I'm more like the "rabbit chaser".

94~ I'm completely and politically incorrect.

95~ I like it when it rains.

96~ I enjoy to sleep.

97~ I love motorcycles. But my children aren't allowed to get one until I die. :o) It's a mama thing.

98~ I LOVE my Knight!

99~ I LOVE my children!

100~ I LOVE my Lord~

WOW! That was hard to do. I don't usually think about things about myself. This list was about me. But not about what I'd like or think. I might share that later on, maybe not. There sure are a lot of "I" on the list. Right now I'm feeling a little boastful. Don't like this feeling. I thought it would be fun, but I now feel like I have to have some humble pie...

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