Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen quotes I say, that I got from movies...

1. "You are not my husband." -Sommersby
(a little funny between me and my Babe)

2. "As you wish" -The Princess Bride
(in a loving way)

3. "What ever you like." -Coming To America

4. "Why do you want to leave me?" -My BIG Fat Greek Wedding
(I even say it with the accent!)

5. "You complete me." -Jerry Maguire

6."Well done." -Babe

7. "No matter what occurs! I will find you.
No matter how long it takes,
no matter how far, I will find you."
-Last of The Mohicans

8. "Ditto" -Ghost

9. "Earn it" -Saving Private Ryan

10. "Face off" -Face Off

11. "Life is like a box of chocolate,
you never know what you're gonna get."
-Forrest Gump

12. "You think I'm gorgeous... you want to kiss me...
you want to date me."
-Miss Congeniality

13. "Be still my heart." -CIS Miami

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Gina said...

HI Lady G! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're lucky to have been able to travel Europe & see Italy. That's one of my & my hubby's dreams! I knew a little bit of Spanish myself (longgggggggggg time ago). I studied it in High School & even 2 semesters in university. Unfortunately,I've already forgotten most of it .
T13 is fun and I am glad you discovered it! Happy Thirteening!

Christie said...

great list! i love a lot of those, love "face off". "i will take his face.... off. face. off." great movie. have a happy!

Gina said...


I like that Sandra Bullock line on Miss Congeniality! Now I forgot who the guy was ( was it Mark Ruffalo?) but I do remember that funny scene!

_gentle said...

my quotes are usually of the Austin Power's variety, your list is much better. Happy TT

Rashenbo said...

Well since Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies I have to pick that one as my favorite line :)

Thanks for sharing and Happy Thursday.

Tink said...

I love "Ditto" from Ghost and use it too! Great list!
My TT is about some past and present music preferences.

GreenEyedGirl said...

Great list! I love the Jerry Maguire one!

Mom's Secret Life said...

2 & 3 are some we use as well! Happy TT, Miss G!

Nathalie said...

Here at the office we sing the Miss Congeniality quote (in the most annoying way) when ever someone gets a compliment, I love it :)

Robyn Mills said...

Great TT list - I can still see Forrest Gump sitting at that bus stop saying that. R

Cecile said...

Great quotes! From some of my favorite movies too!

dorischua said...

Hi.. thanks for dropping by my TT... you did a grat job in these quotes!

annie said...

I sing "you think I'm gorgeous" to my husband all the time!! Great list!!