Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

There is much that I have learned. Most importantly, I have learned that I have much to learn.

* Hugs and kisses give much comfort.

* Crying does help.

* I am very blessed.

* Writing things down on paper to help me remember, won't work if I don't remember where I put the paper.

* Life is too short, be a blessing to someone... every day.

* It's never as bad as I think... it could be worse... be thankful.

* Not to walk barefooted in our home, unless of course you don't mind the feeling of a little sand. Living in the country and being a family that plays all types of sports, it can't be helped to have some sand on the floor. Well it can, but I'm not about to sweep 24/7.

* Smiles and kindness are contagious... spread it.

* Unless I want to clean up Nicodemus's (our golden retriever) drool (YUCK!!!), I better let him out before I take the peanut butter out of our pantry. He LOVES the stuff!

* A rainbow ALWAYS follows a storm. Not just weather wise, but in life too.

* I'm not confused, I'm just well mixed.

* God loves me unconditionally... He loves you too!

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Robin said...

Words to live by. I love the well mixed metaphor.

Happy TT.

Pen said...

Wonderful list!

Nicodemus is an AWESOME dog name. Our dogs (Boomer & Chevy) are the same way when it comes to yogurt. They sit, stare, and drool the entire time I eat it.

Happy TTing!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful list!! Very nice!

Mitchypoo said...

You always are so encouraging, I love to read you TT's.

Tink said...

We are never done with learning, but I don't mind. :-) I love rainbows!
My TT lists cars we've owned before our current one.

amy said...

What a great list..Crying does help and sometimes it feels good..This was nice

Babystepper said...

Great advice, milady!

JennyMcB said...

What a nice list! I giggled about writing it down to remember and losing the paper, I have a pda to keep track of all my personal and work appointments, plus I have a notebook in my backpack all the time.

When you have kids, it's tough to keep it all straight. I like your attitude about sand and kids!

Thanks for stopping by!

Christine said...

What a beautiful post. I LOL at the well mixed metaphor.
Thanks for the inspiring words.
Happy TT!

Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading your list, and I enjoy visiting your blog. It always seems so peaceful here (maybe not to you!).


What a great name you gave your dog.

Virginia said...

Great list! I too write things down on little slips of paper, but my problem isn't losing the's reading my handwriting later! :)