Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Blogs

I keep three different blogs. One is set on private. I journal about our family in detail. It's more of an online scrapbook. I seem not to have enough time to keep up with my scrapbooking. Since I take digital pictures, it's easier to "scrapbook" online.

My second blog is A Glance Into My World. This one is open for others to see, not just friends and family. I have nicknamed those that I write about for security reasons. One never knows who's reading it. The reason I keep this one open is because I feel it might help others in one way or another. The media is full of sad stories. We need to hear about the good there is too. I share quotes, scriptures, stories, ideas, recipes and my thoughts. I also share tips that have helped me through the years. I share anything that I feel God prompting me to share so it might helps others.

My third blog is this one, A Knight's Lady. I named it that because that's exactly how I feel. My Babe is my Knight in shining armor. I have always seen him this way. Even while we were courting I would call him my Knight. He has always called me his Lady. Well, our wedding song was Lady by Kenny Rogers. This blog is mostly about me, my thoughts. I focus more on my relationship with my Babe, my Knight. I see more and more women losing respect for their husbands. They focus on the negative instead of focusing on the positive. I thought this would be a good way to share my testimony of how things can be different with your beloved spouse.


Pen said...

I love your reason for keeping this blog! My husband is my Knight as well. I don't remember when he started calling me "My Lady", but it wasn't long after we started dating in 1994. To this day that is what he still calls me. I call him "My Love".

There are wonderful men out there, and I agree too many women focus on the negative. (At times, I am guilty of it as well.)

Keep on bloggin'!

Lady G~ said...

I can't help but feel loved when he calls me, "My Lady". Makes me feel like we belong to each other. He's my ain true love... and I'm his.