Monday, February 25, 2008

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

My Knight once told me, "Never judge a book by it's cover." We were only 16 at the time. How can someone be so wise at the age of 16? If you are interested in how we met and courted, check my entry called, How I Met My Knight.

He was different than all my guy friends. There was something about him. Even at that age, he had this presence about him. He was intelligent. He had a dry humor, uniquely his own. He was good in every sport. He had his private pilot license. At the age of 10 he was the one that did the budget for his family and paid all the bills. He knew how to have fun, but was level headed enough not to do something just for the sake of doing it. He had two jobs. He worked at Burger King and as a security guard. He knew how to enjoy his off time. Before he had a car, he would ride his bike to the beach. Which happen to be 11 miles away. Yep, he rode that on a ten speed bike. He was into martial arts. He was also quite the marksman. He was quiet and I'd even say shy. He was a young man of few words. But when he spoke, one would want to hear what he had to say. He had a way about him. I didn't take the time to look "inside" the book. I can't believe I almost let him slip through my fingers.

He didn't hang around with the popular kids in school. He had his lifelong friends and that was good enough. He started the Aviation club in high school. He was part of the honor society. For him there was no need to "belong" to what other's thought were the "in" clubs. He was fine being who he was. For him, honesty was the best policy. When he spoke the truth, it wasn't blunt, it was just matter of fact. He was right of course, but I was not use to that. I was use to things being sugar coated. People agreeing even though they really didn't agree deep down. In essence, I was use to people being untruthful. He was different. He was what I needed, but I didn't realize it.

He was a handsome young man. But I was judging him by what I saw, what I noticed. I didn't give him the chance to really get to know him. He was right, I should not have judged a book by it's cover. But God is good... ALL the time. He knew that we were meant to be. We had been given a third chance.

When we got married he was 19 and I was one week away from turning 19. So "officially" I was 18. This Spring & Summer my Knight and I will be celebrating our 45th birthday and our 26th wedding anniversary. I know many at our wedding were thinking, "No way is this going to last. They are too young. What's the real reason they are getting married so quickly? They are crazy!" The only ones who gave us their full support was my family. All I have to say is, that we have never regretted getting married so young. We have grown together as a couple. We have been there for one another every step of the way. We encouraged each other. At that young age, we knew our love was a special love. The one people dream of and hope for. We were blessed to have found it while we were young. We are even more blessed that we still have that same, dare I even say deeper love and understanding for one another.

My cup runneth over...

My heart's desire is for our children to be, even more blessed than what my Knight and I have been blessed with. For their marriage to have the unconditional love that is written in Scriptures. The unconditional love my Knight and I have for one another. May they be blessed tenfolds. May their children and generations to follow them be blessed too.

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