Saturday, January 12, 2008

Simply Romantic... Tips

I haven't posted one of these in quite a while. I figured it's time. :o)

TIP: Take a class together. Find a topic, hobby, or sport you both want to learn more about--and sign up!

My Knight and I have been married 25 years. Ah... I love saying that. :o) I guess it helps that we have similar interests. I guess it also helps that I'm sporty too. LOL! Through the years we've done so many different things.

He's always enjoyed photography. Even though I wasn't so much into it, I would still go with him and see him develop the films. I enjoyed watching him "play" with the different lenses and take pictures of what he found interesting. Just being with him was good enough for me.

We have played all sorts of sports: tennis, raquetball, snow skiing, windsurfing, bowling and softball just to name a few. He's always enjoyed playing basketball and football. When he played, I'd go and cheer him on. It didn't matter if I was the only wife there. I was there for my Knight and that's what mattered.

We use to cook together. That was always fun. But now our Fair Maidens are the ones that cook. I must say they do a great job at it too.

Putting a puzzle together is always fun and relaxing. During Summer breaks, we always have one out on the card table. Not only is it fun for the family, but once everyone else is asleep, it's nice to sit and talk while we are "puzzling". :o)

Once things slow down a bit, we plan on taking dancing lessons. I LOVE to dance. I know that we'll enjoy taking lessons together.

Any ideas you'd like to add? Feel free to post them!

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