Thursday, January 18, 2007

My First Thirteen

Thirteen Of My First...

1. Love- George was my first love. We were in first grade together. Oh, we got married twelve years later. ;o)

2. Kiss- I was kissed for the first time at the tender age of 16. Regrets? Yes, I wish I would of saved my first kiss for when I got married. My first kiss was not with my George. :o(

3. Driving- I was 18 when I got my driver's license. I only practiced driving one day. That was the day before I got my license.

4. Date- My parents didn't allow me to date while in high school. We always went out with a group of friends and my mom ALWAYS chaperoned. First time I went out alone was with my Knight. It was December 1981. I was 18.

5. Trip away from home- My wedding night. :o) What can I say, I was one of those good girls a mama wants their boys to marry. I was 18.

6. Target shooting- I learned from the best... my Babe. He was an MP when we married. He taught me at 19.

7. Taco- I was 19 when I had my first taco. I have never tried Mexican food. We were invited to dinner at a friend's home. They had cooked a Mexican meal. Funny thing was, they weren't Mexicans, they were Italian. The dinner was great though.

8. Snow skiing- Being a native Floridian, I had never seen snow. While stationed in Europe, my Babe and I took up snow skiing. It ROCKS! I was 20.

9. Wind surfing- Do people still do this? I can't believe having lived in Florida all my life I had never seen people wind surf. I learned about it in Europe. Took it up, but stopped. The water over there was FREEZING! I was 20.

10. Basic German- First time attempting to learn a different language, it had to be German. Learned enough to get me into trouble. I mean the shopping kind of trouble. :o) " I need this in size 5." "Do you have this in blue?" "Where is the restroom?" "Ice please." *Note: they don't serve ice cold drinks and they don't serve ice.

11. Topless- I was 21. We were in the middle of Lake Chiemsee. On a paddle boat. No one else was around. I thought, why not try it. Well, I should of put some sunscreen... enough said. That was my first and last time EVER going topless.

12. Job- My first paying job was being a receptionist. No easy task. It was for three plastic surgeons. One of who was top ten in the world! He was booked up 3 years in advance. No kidding!

13. Mom- My first Baby came along when I was 24.

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Candy Minx said...

Hi Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!!!

It's great to meet you and your list this week is so sweet. What a cool idea to make a list of firsts.

I have been participating with TT only for 24 weeks...but I've met tons of great fun people and I hope you have lots of fun too and wish you all the best in meeting and learning about all kinds of new folks.

Here is my blog and my TT list:

Great to "meet" you! Good luck,

Brony said...

I was also 18 when I got married.
Love your list of firsts.

Happy TT!

Mom's Secret Life said...

Too sweet, G! Welcome to TT!


Hoyeya said...

You've made a fabulous entrance into the world of Thursday Thirteen. Great list.

My list is 13 German verbs. ;)

Gette said...

Wow. What an awesome start! Isn't there to much wave action for windsurfing there? They do it up here all the time, but we have nice calm (usually) lakes.